Supra (2JZGTE) Valve Springs

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.

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This is what i found from personal experience. I have 2JZGTE stock Valve Springs in my 1UZFE heads. The stock Supra valve springs are rated at 60 lbs seat pressure for the 2JZ head. However, my engine builder tested the supra springs in 1uzfe heads were 80 lbs. There are few company selling very expensive aftermarket valve springs that are rated at 85 lbs. The reason why the stock supra springs have higher seat pressure in 1UZFE heads is because the 1uzfe valve stems are about 1/4" shorter and therefore the stock supra springs will have greater seat pressure. Interesting find nevertheless.
Does the 2JZ valve spring fit the 1UZ retainer, or will we need 2JZ retainers as well?

Also, does the $4.xx you posted for stock springs in your link include retainers? If not, HorsePowerFreaks sells OEM 2JZ springs for $3.98 and retainers for $2.77. Saves a few bucks if that $4.xx you posted does NOT incude retainers.
As the 2JZ-GTE valve springs are preloaded further than originally, what's the possibility of coil bind? What's the compressed length of the spring and how does it compare to the stock spring?
Been having issues of my stock springs just breaking stock motor hardly gets used want to over come this problem and enjoy the vehical