Stroking the 1UZFE and 8 throttle bodies

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ITb V Plenum..

On reading this thread, everybodies opinions haven't really addressed the principles involved..
My understanding is that the standard Lexus Intake system is reasonably restrictive. Anything that improves intake flow and delivery is most likely to result in improved performance. Different systems may change the characteristics of that performance, and an improvement in intake management may not result in overall performance improvement if the rest of the system doesn't keep up.
The point would be to take a larger view than just focusing on the intake system.
Heard of one motor recently that had had a lot of engine work done, heads cams etc but still used the stock intake system. Went to throttle bodies and improved custom intake manifolds, and instant 70hp increase RW on dyno. Prior to that wasn't any better than a mildly cammed stock motor...
Anyway isn't this all fun...playing is good....!