SEMA 2010 and roadtrip socal

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I'm visiting SEMA show this year. Anyone visiting sema or is already in vegas? I'm there 2nd of Nov until 6th of Nov (saturday). I'm driving over to LA on saturday and meet some of the socal supras guys there. If you have time to meet, let me know! flying out on tuesday afternoon
DAAAANG! My auto program is going but I just cant afford the packaged trip from colorado. If all else fails I may drive up instead of flying. Neil Griffiths from Rush Imports is supposed to be there as well. Should be a blast if I can pull it off.
So who's in town? I arrived yesterday. I'm at the sema all day and will play poker tonight at the paris/balley's (the poker room is in the balleys). at 20pm
LOL.. i will be passing LV tonight about 2 am and head north for another 4 hours to an Indian Reservation. Hopefully to get there early in the morning and start serving.