2010 ls460 awd won’t start aft collision. Please help

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Long sad unfortunate story short I was tboned by 2 pick up trucks going through a yellow/red light due to snow/ice with only liability insurance.
My car got hit in the front passenger side crushing the front tire in and 2nd truck hit the passenger side of my car behind the rear tire crushing that area and ripping my rear number off after clearing the roadway I shut the car off.
now it won’t start and I have no power to anything when I go to start it nothing happens. I can’t unlock it with fob and the battery is connected. No leaking fluid or anything like that. Is there a collision sensor that would completely disable the car? Any advice on how to get it running? If I can start i think I can repair the front wheel myself and pay someone to do the body work. Any thoughts or advice!?


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