SC400 vs. LS1 Camaro...

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Santa Monica, California
Friday night street races as I tell my story..

Got to the designated race site in South Central Los Angeles this Friday and got paired up against a newer LS1 Camaro with exhaust mods... It was loud and I didn't know what would happen in this race.. I figured I had a good chance to win though..

We are off and I hit the nos immediately as I needed all of it in this race..So we are roaring down the widended empty quarter mile strip, tires spinning and engines roaring.. I am out in front immediately and begin to pull away slowly...Half way down the strip I would say I was about 3 or 4 car lengths ahead of the N/A Camaro..I had perfect tranny shifts on this race too which is key.. The second half of the quarter is where I got a little nervous as he made it very interesting as I ended up winning by a half a cars length to finish it...:nono:

I was very happy with this result as last time I raced on this sceen I was paired up against a new Vette with exhaust mods and lost... Had to leave in a foul mood that night..

A VICTORY CELEBRATION WAS IN ORDER AS THIS WAS A GREAT WAY TO KICK OFF A GREAT WEEKEND...I elected to leave after that single race.. Got a few ewwws and ahhhs and perks being that I was in an SC400 Lexus...People just don't see a fast SC400 that often around here...The owner in the Camaro after the race congradulated me on the victory and asked if I could help him add a NOS system on his ride... Funny stuff as I laughed and said sure man....However, I suggested he turbo'd his LS1 instead though...

I show maybe once a month to these orginized and somewhat legal street races and it always gets interesting.. There is sometimes a bad element so I pick my times and spots.. I am still doing these races with just my 100 shot of nitrous and not my previous 150 shot... Before I would have cleaned this Camaro big time and maybe the Vette before that....

Previous to my race, I did see a nice race between a Single turbo'd Subaru and Built and supercharged Dodge Charger (OLD SCHOOL). A very mean race as the Subaru edged out the Charger at the end..... The Charger was way out in front in the start of the race but then that single turbo on the Subaru really kicked in and it began to rip... I would have lost to both of those cars as they were both very fast and very built.....