SC400/Soarer build for drift

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they need to have some serious weight reduction first of all and a really beefy suspension. not to mention the fact that the sc is not the most nimble car, it will ave no chance over a lighter more well balanced nissan 240 or a hachi. not putting down sc400s though
There is a Soarer in teh D1 series, the 2.5litre 1JZ has big torque throughout the rev range than most of the competition. Youd need extensive mods to get it up to drift spec as youll agree theyre pretty wallowly stock.
Some D-spec coilovers, a tight LSD, manual trans and some weight reduction would go a long way to making the soarer more drift friendly. Keep in mind though, a proper drift car is not somehting you can live with as a daily driver, specially after getting used to that Soarer comfort!

Still, a positive-displacement blown 1UZ Soarer would just be a challenge trying NOT to keep lighting the tyres throughout the whole track!
i came from a drift car (sr20det 180sx) then moved to the supra which isnt too different from a sc400.... also had a 13b turbo hachi before it got destroyed by the tip top truck.... all i can say is that a big heavy car like the sc400 is too hard to control mid drift.... even cars like the hachi are lightened further.... goes to show there is no such thing as too light when it comes to drift....
What about the JZX100, Soarer and R34 sedan drift cars?

Obviously they have some major weight reduction and other changes but essentially it is the same body. While ill agree they arent as maneuvarable and never will be as a similarly prepped light-car such as a hachi or a silvia I think they can still be made to drift nicely.

Whether anyone would actually buy a SUpra or Soarer specifically for drift is another story...
The vertex soarer is totally stripped and is running a 1jz vvti single turbo engine.... everything on that car is carbon fibre, all the way down to guards, interior panels, and doors... that thing is hell light....

Ken's R34 sedan is also stripped and lightened significantly....

same goes for all the chasers in the drift comps...

it hasn't much to do with the longer wheelbase, it's all to do with the porkiness of the cars.... when you look at the S series nissans, you'll see that their wheelbase isnt much shorter than the skylines and cefiro's and chasers..... but they are heaps lighter... which makes them better choices for drift cars....
got more info on the car?
Itll be good to see some more toyotas out there...
Ive been around too many nissans and drift corp members lately
Are you a current drifter or just starting?



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got the car about 4 months ago, been doing practice round auckland ( i have a radar detector) hopefully by start of next year, have it goin for comp.
Strip it out and get some more torque just brought a supra box so that will go in soon hopefully.
good on you v8toy. most people dont have the balls to drift ls400s or soarers, not because they cant be made into drift cars, but because everyone knows that sooner or later you're gonna come off and smash panels, which is alot less painful when you're in a cefiro or laurel that can be replaced for a few hundred bucks for an entire new body. drifting lexus's is too risky on the wallet.
i look forward to seeing you at drift comps.
oh gutted. i know how you feel. although i still have my licence, with the car off the road i am quite familiar with walking, taking the bus, and cycling. i much prefer driving v8s.
hell yeah, catching the bus is bollocks,
i just try to scab rides where ever i go, but its rough.

But on the up side....
I got my license back from the 28 day instant disqualification, and a letter saying that i am only goin to get hit with a 500 fine and 50 demerit points, i say a hell of a lot better than no license.