Offroad racing in Aus.

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.


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As many now know Im dropping a 1UZ into an offroad buggy. Our cars for racing in Aus are divided into classes via engine capacity. Up to 1650cc (Class 2) is where we used to be and it looked like the rules were going to change to up to 4000cc for this class....

So we took a gamble and jumped the gun - sold the 20valve and bought the 1UZ... before the rule change was official.... oops....

It now looks like the rule change will not happen and we're going to be racing in the open class (up to 6ltr NA or using a multiplication factor of 1.7 if FI) dominated by LS1's and twin turbo Vtec's. Damn. Dont bother applying without 500 flywheel hp... or the gearbox to handle it.

So we're stuck in limbo land. Not enough $$$ to afford the gearbox to handle a high HP engine so its going to be hard to be competitive....

But the glass is definately half full! We're still going to be a buttload quicker on the track than we ever would have been with the 20 valve! woohoo!

Or I might sleeve it down to 3.5 and go twin screws.... hmmmm... :mischievo
It'd be good fun, dont get me wrong... but I couldnt afford the maintenance on the transasxle to hold the HP together!

So be it - we'll still be very competitve in NSW Champs, and NSW Long Course Champs, so thats where we're heading.

Gone are the days when anyone with a budget could win a national event in offroad.

Out of curiosity though... how much do you reckon the custom crank & rods would be worth to de-stroke it... :mischievo