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hi there,glocko here,been lapping up the reading for the last couple of weeks,great site.learning heaps cheers lex.....and every one else of course.current project is a 13 foot jet boat 93 1uzh?as in 4wd.have had a few problems tuning with programmes running too rich ,had a heap of fuel pulled out of it which smoothed it out but lost noticable power.have noticed thru other threads i have 220cc injectors ,would this be the source of mixture problems as i think for the mixtures to be so far out,especially at an idle,specs on motor must be different to others.does anyone know ?if so would upgrading to 250cc gain any thing?cant seem to find much info on the running link computor ,everything else except for manifolds and k&n are stock.also have developed a miss last time out but have new leads coming,hopefully sort it looking foward to lots more great reading, and and up grades..of course.....cheers glocko...... wet stones are as good as water.......ouch!!!!

Can you give some details on your engine?

Where is the/was the sump bowl? front/mid/rear?

Does the throttle body have traction control?

What spark plug covers does it have (what does the sign say) and what is the logo on the upper plennum?

Lastly does it have a hydraulic fan or a viscous fan unit?

With this information we can fiigure out what you have and maybe suggest a solution.
new"boat person'

zuffen hi had a look sump bowl is front with big hole going thru middle just behind bowl,fan was allready off isuspect viscious,covers say toyota, top of chamber 4cam 32,not sure on traction control as it is removed thanks for the fast reply .info might help..cheers glocko

What is the big hole in the middle?

From the description it sounds (sort of ) like a Crown but could be a LS400/Celsior.

I'd be inclined to have the injectors cleaned before trying to change them. 215cc injectors sound the right ones. 251cc doesn't make a lot of difference.


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zuffen i guess the hole was from what i gather was a 4wd shaft
was told it may have been an ambulance...not sure not planning on changing injectors unless theres benefits in it ,injectors23250-50010 maybe a help...cheers glocko


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I checked the part # on Stan Weiss' site and it doesn't tell us capacity only that it came out of a Lexus 4.0litre. At least you know they belong there.
Hi there
put new leads on today and appear to still have a miss or 4.let it dry run briefly and front 4 cylinders were not firing,checked by feeling exhaust manifolds.back 4 were definitly ok HOT.can anyone tell me if this config looks ok ,maybe leads have been mixed up?


hope some one can undestand this
cheers glocko
hi all

good to see the boat thread back on thanks lex and Andrew

Glocko what is your air/fuel R do not tune with out 1

allso check your trigger set up on ECU and good shielding on the sensor wires

i will be happy to help with any problem

i have been all throuht it befor

thanks joel
thanks for the diagram Peewee clears that up,they were all correct.its not running rich at the moment as i had mixtures played with allready.

Joel ,iwill have a look through threads on trigger set ups and check mine out as i have no idea on that area at this time,as for air/fuel r will ring guy who tuned it and find out if he knows,think he saved it all 4 me.
its alive....again

long time but have finally got boat sorted,'miss' turned out to be stuck valve,+3 not seated properly.heads off, new valve and seating wrk=:veryhappy :veryhappy :veryhappy.entered fun sprint vs couple of chev sprint boats and took it out by a couple of 10ths.all at a max of only 3100rpms!!!(gps 82kph).only have to work out how to get the unit spinning a bit faster. need more speed.doesn't that sound familiar?.thought of shaving impellor but have been told preformance increases will be minimal.any ideas from u other boaters?
Supercharged or turbo would be easy to setup on a jet boat and will work wonders. Increasing power naturally aspirated is probably more expensive.


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