Looking for ECU or substitute

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Trinidad & Tobago
Hi, I am also looking for an ECU for my 83 Celsior 89661-50170 or 89661-50171 - very difficult to find! Can anybody suggest where I can find one or even a substitute number? My car does have the hydraulic fan and no smog gear but I can always add an electric fan if I need to.
Have you considered rebuilding it? I had one which I flicked into a mates car while we rebuilt his one. It also failed within a few weeks, so is on the rebuild list now too. Same number.
Hi, yes I did send it to the US for a rebuild/repair but that apparently was unsuccessful because since it came back its not starting the car and the OBD is giving an error 41. I borrowed another ECU and the car works fine with that one so its definitely not the car or the wiring.

I'm running out of options so I thought that if I could at least manage to find a replacement or even a substitute ECU I would be able to use the car which is in really good condition with low mileage and everything.
Why not ask Gloverman to try and repair your one the Yanks couldn't fix.

If they can't sort out CoronaVirus how can they fix an ECU?

PM Gloverman he may be the only person prepared to fix them.