High idle and high fuel consumption

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I bought a 94 LS400 a month or two ago. Was running well besides weirdly high fuel consumption (around 18l/100) More recently my car has been cold starting fine. But the revs don’t drop from 1400 ish. They stay at 1400.

The car also feels very underpowered from a standstill so I suspected the engine coolant temperature sensor may have died. So today I bought a new one and replaced. Once installed I took it for a drive and it felt the exact same as before.

To be fair I did drop the new sensor before putting it in but I think it should be fine. Going to buy a multimeter later to test it

Also another weird quirk about the idle. When I put the aircon on the revs drop. And when it’s off it goes back up. Also it idle at about 800 900 in gear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you