h151f in a sc400... (question for 5spd owners- please help)

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Now that I know that this transmission was offered in a 2uz configuration and only needs the h151f flywheel and clutch, my next question is.....how do we use sc400 computer? Can we fool it to stay in neutral or park and keep it happy?

( neutral switch) Pin 14 on plug 3(22?) should have 12v coming from start. . So ECU will thinking tranny is neutral and do not look at difference in vss1 and vss2 signals. Correct?
What about speedo signal?

From another post"
I did my swap almost a year ago (92 sc400). What I used for both starting the car In neutral then switching it to drive is I used a mechanical limit switch that has 2 common inputs and a normally open and normally closed output for each of those inputs, all in 1 switch. I work in the industrial door business and these are commonly used on commercial openers. So I wired 1 input of the switch to the NSS terminals at the trans plug (normally closed) then wired the 12v supply from the trans plug to the other input on the switch, and wired it to the L terminal of the trans plug (normally open). Clear as mud?? Lol. Now..this switch I mounted so it is activated by my e-brake so:

E-brake up = switch not activated (NSS connected, "L" disconnected) car starts.
E-brake down = switch activated (NSS disconnected, "L" connected) ECU thinks car is in gear.

I chose the "L" gear position at the trans plug so the ECU isn't expecting a gear change like it would be in the "D" position. Works like a charm ALSO cruise control works too (even at highway and higher speeds!). I could have also wired the switch so the car sees "P" as well as NSS with e-brake up so memory seats work too but I haven't crawled under and done it. Keep in mind my car is a 92 (no Vvt-i) but it solved the issues that would've bugged me once the car was swapped"
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