Fluid leak above crank pully 1990 Celcior

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I just bought a 1990 UCF11 Celsior last week, and I decided to change the engine oil. Which was straight forward, as expected. I put in 5L of Penrite semi synthetic oil and I bought a new Toyota Oil fiter (90915-YZZD4) and I also installed a new sump plug gasket (90430-12031).

The car has 98K KMs and looks to be the genuine mileage, everything works inculding the air shocks, cd stacker, heated mirrors and the electric seats.

While I was under the car I noticed a few drops of reddish sticky fluid dripping from around the crank pully, just above the front sump lip.

Im not sure what fluid it is. Its a bit watery but still leaves residue on white paper. My inital thought was power steering fuild. But I put a bit of the power steering fuild from the dip stick, on th esame test white paper and its competely different.
Ive topped up the coolent with distilled water (red awful looking stuff) and topped up the power steering resevoir. Hoping to see a drop in levels tommorow.

This car has the hydraulic powered fan.

I think its the water pump.

If its the water pump, shall I just change that item.?
The timing belt looks good.



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Before rushing off and buying a pump and replacing it have a good check aroung the thermostat housing.

The housing bolts to the waterbridge and can leak from there. Also the housing has a small line running off the right hand side of it that could be leaking. You also have the black inlet fitting and the bolt on the top.

I'd look real hard before pulling it down.

If you do the waterpump replace the timing belt, idler bearings and I'd look at rebuilding the power steering pump (it's cheap) whilst it's off as it saves going back again.

Whilst in there check the bearings on the serpentine belt tensionser and top idler. Again easier to do it all at the same time. AND if feeling flush why not distributor caps, rotors and leads. It all makes sense.


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It was the water pump.
Bought an OEM replacement (16100-50023) for AUS$135 from Toyota, it didnt include the O rings.
O ring larger one (96761-35035)AUS $3.54
O Ring bypass (96761-24019) AUS $3.02
So I bought those also from Toyota but I could have bought them cheaper from CBC

I assume it died because the coolent wasnt changed frequently enough
When I got it out it growled like my empty stomach.

Changed everything but the spark plug leads (cant find an OEM set cheap enough in OZ) and timing belt tensioner.