Drive Shaft Center Support Bearing issues?

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Trying to locate this part for my 1992 SC400, I'm calling this part the "center support bearing" for the drive shaft, mine is worn out and making noise and vibrating. The part has a rubber housing and a bearing to support the drive shaft.. I'm getting a clicking noise and a bit of vibration in the drive shaft.. It's time to replace..

Anyways - Looking for this part only and cant get a part # or correct and official name for this? Local auto part stores are asking for the correct name or a part #...

Little help fellas would be much appreciated? Or if you know where I can get a replacement.

Also how can you tell if the drive shaft U-joint needs replacing too after this problem? Will there be noticeable play in the U-joints? I'm wondering if all the play and vibration has wasted my U-joints also?

Also it's been a while and want to give a shout out to all my old Lextreme buds of the past that remembers Jibbby. It's been a while since I've been on this forum and I am saying hello to all my old buds, that is if you guys are reading..
Yes, the name should be correct, or try DS center carrier bearing.
As for the u-joints any driveshaft shop should have the parts. For inspection, look at the driveshaft axially and wiggle back and forth, side to side, etc. I just purchased my r154 front shaft and noticed that the u-joints Serra worn out as well, should only be ~$20 for the part.
Well the official dealer part name is "DS Bearing Assembly".. $250 USD part # 37230-24090..

Just to finalize this thread.. I couldn't find this part anywhere in good condition, the junk yard parts were worn to hell as well. Apparently the rubber starts to wear out on this part bearing at around 150,000 miles or more on the 1992's..

I'm installing the new part now.. Had to drop the exhaust which kinda sucks but it's a two bolt mount bracket that connects and secures this bearing assembly to the drive shaft.. Should run like a champ after this I hope..