Project Thread UZ + R154 FINAL DRIVE + OTHER HELP

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yea so i rly rly love the UZ motor and have found that for my intended purpose, the R154 is the trans id like to use. I am having difficulty understanding gearing for the final drive, and would like to know what diff's people have used in their UZ drift builds. I am planning my build out on paper as thoroughly as possible while i prep my chassis for the swap. any help at all will mean the world to me. i have also seen some ppl say 3uz>1uz? frankly i want the non vvti 1uz for ease of maintenance and less problematic parts over all. is this a good choice? the 1uz has the power, reliablity, and torque that i want. not that the 3 doesn't, but less moving parts = more predictable outcome yk? idk j drop all the UZ knowledge you got, im kinda overwhelmed >.> also follow my build @bvsted.exe on insta