Do I need an new ECU?...

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Short story:

My 1UZ non-VVT has been built up with 12:1 pistons, high-lift cams, oversized valves, and exhaust manifolds. I thought the stock ECU would be able to handle it, but I learned the hard way that it couldn't and now the car doesn't run well at all.

Do I need a new aftermarket ECU or can I solve this problem by tweaking the stock unit?


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When I recommend aftermarket ECU's I always recommend going to your local tuner / support and seeing what they work with and why. No point buying an ECU if you have no one who can tune it well.

Also choosing a unit with enough inputs and outputs to complete all the tasks which are required.

For an N/a 1uz I generally use a Link Storm

They have the normal Crank , cam inputs , two temps so Engine temp and air temp , TPS 5 volt and signal return(on an Analog input)
The digital inputs I generally set them up as ignition switch , start input , speed signal input and idle switch.
For the analog inputs I use TPS (as already mentioned) Oxygen sensor or sometimes both depending on the location.
As there are 4 ignition outputs I use only 2 of these for Spark with the other two being able to be used as Check engine light and fan output.
I then have 4 injector outputs so I use grouped injection but generally swap from the Toyota grouping to TDC grouping.
I then get 8 auxilary outputs. 4 of these are used for the stepper motor as I like to have correct idle speed control
The other 4 outputs in my standard system are used for ECU hold (main relay control) to ensure correct resetting of the stepper motor , Fuel pump control , Speed output and tacho.

These are my main settings which I then alter to suit each job. For example if fitted to a stock vehicle which runs the tacho off the ignitor I can used that output as a shift light, purge canister control or extra engine warning light (like an overheat warning)

I use the unit to calibrate the speedos as many jobs we do have bigger wheels so means no need for extra boxes. Also the tacho output can run most diesel tachos so no need to change the Dash.

I can swap things around an enable a single knock input if required too. This unit gives me plenty of options on a stock engine

Generally if I'm working on a Modified engine or boosted engine I move up to the Link Xtreme which gives 8 ignition and 8 fuel outputs so I can do full sequential injection.

When deciding on an ecu I sit down with pen and paper to list all the requirements I have from the ECU then select the unit. Buying an ECU then trying to make it work around your requirements often leads to issues.