Cost of Lexus motor in skiboat

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Wondering the cost involved of converting a 350 chev,d/c to a 4litre lexus with velvet drive. The boat is a meos spyder 1800. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
Hello charged to marnize a 1uz would cost between 3 to 5000$ it depends on the velvet drive new they are 3000$ just for the transmission
but if you look around you can find second hand 1s a lot cheaper
they are a lot cheaper than a chev
hope this helps
I did mine as a soft clutch. From memory, it was about the same price as a chev for all the maranising gear, except for the water pump setup, as I have a custom cam driven pump. You can still run a belt driven pump.
The biggest cost at the time was probably the ECU to run the engine, however they are now quite good value. Also watch the thread on using the factory ECU, that may be the way to go. Autronic is fully waterproof and a little expensive, but wolf and others are around $1000 I believe and should do a great job - just keep them away from water splash. You remember you will have to get someone to tune the engine for you if you are not confident to do it yourself, or you could get a tuned map off one of the forum members which would probably be close enough to do the job.
I would also budget in a supercharger as the Lexus lacks power down low compared to you smallblock. Setup blower on these engines can be very cheap if you are prepared to hunt around for secondhand blowers and fabricate a bit yourself. ie. 2nd hand M90 $600, Jordy manifold some where around $600 I think, make your own throttle body adaptor and a few brackets can probably get away with doing it under $1500.
Going like a champion, how is the M112 treating you??

Would it be possible to cut away all the unnecessary clutch packs and planeterys off the toyota auto and end up with a single planetery with 2 forward speeds and a reverse (like a powerglide)? This could then be used as a boat gearbox. It would bolt straight on with the original belhousing and be fairly light and cheap.
Hi Guys, new to the forum but very experianced with boats, I own and operate Ski Boat Developments, if I can help with boat Q&A let me know. Just a thought for "Quadcam" if your boat lacks power from go you have a prop with to larger dia. The way props work are as follows: a 12 x 15 for example is 12 inch dia. and 15 inch pitch.
You determine the diamiter to set the lift from go, or the punch out of the hole, if you want to get going quicker reduce the diamiter. The pitch is how far the boat should travel each time the prop rotates, this determines or sets the max rev's of the motor.
If your motor is only spinning to 4000 rmp and you want more rev's reduce the pitch. Max desired speed for a 3 Blade prop is 5000 rpm shaft or prop rev's, with a standard prop, special props will give you a bit more. A 2 blade will spin to about 8000 rpm. The weight of the boat and it charecteristics plays a role also, but I have given you the basics, We are on the Murray river near Echuca if you need some help.
Regards, Greg.
Hi Greg, I am from South Africa and I'm, not sure if the engine specs are the same on your side of the world.

Here is what I'm planning on building ( I will post a photo of the boat and engine ):

I have a 18ft Raven ( South African made) High speed Ski boat hull without an engine. It is currently made for an outboard motor (plus minus 200HP) I also have a Lexus V8 4,7L engine that i will be buying in the near future that i would like to put into this boat and drive a Hamilton jet propulsion unit with it. I plan on using a spitronics management system (also South African made).

I have not bought the Hamilton jet yet and I'm waiting on the owner to give me the specific model so that i can work out what all the pecs would be... thrust... weight.. engine requirements etc... But as I'm told those propulsion systems work best at between 4000 and 5000 RPM and you need ample torque to drive them... You might laugh but my initial idea was to put a Yamaha R1 150HP bike engine it it... The guyst quickly told me too much rev's and too little power... Hence the Lexus motor idea as I'm told it is more economical than a ford V6 engine.

I'm just a bit worried about the weight factor as the law in SA requires you to have 30% buoyancy material installed in the boat. Would that be possible or with the size engine that a V8 is.... would i end up with more buoyancy material than actual boat..?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you