Bmw E36 3uz Swap Problems

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Hey guys. Me and my colleagues converted an e36 to a 3uz with a manual transmission. The engine also runs, but the problem is that the engine only rotates at 5000 rpm when stationary and only rotates at about 3500 rpm when driving. The control unit was programmed on Mt and the immobilizer was also programmed out and there are no errors stored in the OBD memory. The fuel pressure is 50 psi. If any of you have any ideas about what other problem the car might have, we would be very grateful.
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Do you have 50psi fuel pressure when the fault occurs? Pressure is nothing without flow. Do you still have the original pump fitted and what engine was the car originally fitted with?
To clarify, your wiring and fuse(s) that connect power to the coils and injectors should be rated to at least 20 amps.
If the wiring isn't thick enough, it will restrict current and cause the circuit to limit under load.

You're running out of either air, fuel or spark. The immobiliser should only prevent it from starting.
Have the injectors ever been cleaned?

Air - Ensure there are no blockages in the intake system.
Fuel - Ensure the injectors are firing at fault RPM (unplug one of the injectors and connect it to a noid light)
Spark - Ensure the coils are firing at fault RPM (remove one of the coils, reconnect wiring, fit a spark plug and ensure its grounded)