A little test

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So. Sadly the 92 sc400 I got had a bad ecu. Like I mean the actual pcb was cracked through and fell apart in my hands bad. I really did not want to spend 900 bucks on mine (89661-24230) so I went with the next best option, which from what I could tell hasn't been tested yet(if it has someone link me to it because I cannot find it) I'm using an ecu of a different year with a different code. It was only 400 bucks and if it doesn't work I'll get a refund for it. I plan on posting updates on it once I get a battery, get it running, and once more when I've driven it around a bit
Update. Charged the battery and started the car today. It cranked faster and is actually running smooth and revving above 2k (did not do either with prior ecu) the ecu I picked was the 89661-24411 there was a bit of sputter but the car has been sitting a while on e so I'm going to slap in some fuel system treatment and premium gas. More updates tomorrow