1UZFE Throttle Body Mod

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I have a 92 1uzfe TB, that I would like to clean up a bit, first off I am going to cut off the other TPS sensor and selinoid that controls the TRAC.

Also I wanted to know if you guys know if you can just delete the coolent lines to the TB? I would like to just cut those holes off and weld them up, I know the veilside TB does not have coolent lines for it, so Im thinking this would be about the same, as well as I think the lines are to actually heat the TB up to temp faster than just the metal warming up.

Does any other TB just bolt on to the earlier 1uzfe manifold (example 2jzgte)? Also what size is this TB? Thanks ahead of time!


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Throttle bodies are heated to prevent iceing of the butterfly (ie, it gets stuck).

This can happen even if temps are not below freezing due to the vaccume around the butterfly at small throttle openings.

So if you live in an area that gets cold temps during winter, its a good idea to leave it connected.
i blocked all three ports, and ran my vacuum line off the pipe out of the back of the plenum to the ecu (for the map sensor). i suppose it depends which ecu u are running and how you've set your engine up.
heres a top shot of the engine which shows the modded throttle body. its only painted silver to match the plenum. polishing it would've been a nightmare. the tc is removed, as well as the coolant passages. i had to make up a bracket to mount the throttle cable on, and lots of cutting and filing was done.
im using a Link ecu. the motor had a cut loom with 100 wires on it when i got it, and now it has about a dozen going to it and is much cleaner. aftermarket ecu's are the only way to go for performance/conversions i think.