1UZFE Hunting at low revs

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G'day all,

I have a 1UZFE, normally aspirated, connected to an 8 1/5 inch Doen Jet in my boat and at low revs, it hunts really irritatingly.

Trying to sit at low revs and travel in restricted speed areas at 5 knots is very frustrating.

Once I have more throttle on, the hunting clears and she runs like a dream.

I am running an old V5 Link ECU, custom loom but no modifications to anything else. I've had some other issues with earths and ignition modules etc, and these have been rectified (module replaced) but the low rev hunting issue remains.

Is this likely to be fuel pressure, such as the reg or the damper giving me grief or something else.

I am about to service the injectors with new seals. Are faulty seals likely to cause the issue?

Looking forward to your experience and suggestions.

I had a 1uz doing the same thing, I put some fuel treatment in it, let it run for about 10 minutes, took it around the block giving it some beans, parked and let it run a bit more. Next time I started it the hunting was gone and hasn't returned, knock on wood.