Wanted 1UZ Spark Plug Wire comb/bracket needed!

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.



I am in desperate search of a right side spark plug comb/holder for my 1uz. I was able to get a plug loom with all the parts except for the wire holder near the cam pulley which without causes the plug wires to lay on the cam pulley and cause issues.

I would be more then happy to buy it off someone if anyone has it available please pm me or let me know. I have attached images as a reference. The OEM part number is 1994650010

Might help if you state where in the world you are. I have a box with a few but it might be way too much freight from here
Unfortunately I am in the US, but I am more then willing to pay the shipping to get it sent over at this point. A seemingly minor part is oddly super hard to track down here in the states. that and 2 camshaft blank/cap covers bolts I have been hunting for a month and cannot find anywhere.

Thanks a bunch gloverman