1UZ into E36

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Wiring harness comes through the firewall through the factory wiring boot. I have all the silicon tubing to start wrapping and terminating the harness... just waiting on the fuel hose.

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BPP billet fuel rails waiting for some hoes and 1000cc Bosch Motorsport injectors. NZEFI idle speed motor cuts down the number of Haltech outputs needed from 4 to 1.

Having never removed an engine from a BMW before, you can imagine my delight when I found the entire front end can be easily removed and it has made this job so much easier! With the 1UZ and auto trans sitting in place on some little blocks of wood, I can begin measuring up the engine mounts, sump, tailshaft and gearbox crossmember.

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After a day of fettling I have come to many conclusions:
  • The original (rear) sump can be used with an adapter plate
  • The original E36 engine mounts will be retained
  • The original Soarer trans mount will be retained
  • The E36 tailshaft can be cut and shut with Soarer flange
  • Neither the Soarer or LS400 exhaust manifolds will fit unless they are butchered - so manifolds will need to be made
  • Wiring is going to be the easiest part of the conversion. BMWs are great in this respect
  • Fuel lines are on the correct side of the motor and should adapt easily
  • Power steering hoses will only require 2 short lines to be custom made by a hose specialist
  • Coolant hoses TBA
  • Vacuum hoses TBA
  • Aircon will not be retained and I need to leave the area free just in case forced induction happens
Hi, I have a few questions to your project
1. What about the drive shaft
2. you will try turn on a air condition?
3. What gearbox you have,
4. how to conect a igniotion and indicators
5. You have your project of a engine mount
6. What with a oil pain
1. Driveshaft from gearbox to diff is custom made by specialist
2. No air conditioning fitted or required
3. Gearbox is Soarer A340E with modified Prado valve body and Haltech control
4. Ignition is wired through the Haltech and all indicator lamps replaced by Haltech IC-7 Dash
5. Engine & gearbox mounts are custom made. Follow these steps
6. Oil Pan is original but spaced back 40mm with adapter I designed


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1. Wał napędowy od skrzyni biegów do dyferencjału jest wykonywany na zamówienie przez specjalistę
2. Klimatyzacja nie jest zainstalowana ani wymagana
3. Skrzynia biegów to Soarer A340E ze zmodyfikowanym zaworem Prado i sterowaniem Haltech
4. Zapłon jest podłączony przez Haltech, a wszystkie lampki kontrolne zastąpione przez Haltech IC-7 Dash
5. Mocowania silnika i skrzyni biegów są wykonywane na zamówienie. Wykonaj te kroki
6. Miska olejowa jest oryginalna, ale cofnięta o 40mm z zaprojektowanym przeze mnie adapterem
Thanks for the answer, but I was asking about the very beginning of the project, and I would like to ask how to connect the original fuel pump harness, ignition switch, etc. to the lexus / emu / speeduino computer. I'm a novice when it comes to electricity/electronics so I don't know
All cars will have a connector or harness in the engine bay that connects all engine to body input/output like oil pressure gauge, temp gauge, ignition power, fuel pump trigger, etc. In my BMW, this is the X20/X21 connector.

Identify the wires on the ECU you need to connect to the body - identify the pins on the X20/21 that have the connection you need, and join them.
Good things take time and all that. Here are the latest pics.


Charcoal canister and fuel filter mounted with heat sleeve applied liberally


Power steering and coolant reservoirs mounted on a very solid bracket.


Very itchy after all the thermal wrapping


The drivers side couldn't go straight through as it would hit the the steering column. Lots of clearance now



Passenger side was just too easy


The crossover pipe and wastegate was a mission but it fits nicely now.


Still yet to fit the heat shield to the front covers


Thanks for this information, i'm starting my 1UZ VVTI engine swap in my Coupe E36.
I wanna ask you something, did you replace the OEM fuel pump? Or did you use an aftermarket fuel pump?
Hey man how’s the swap going? I have firm plans on 1uz vvti swapping an e36 coupe myself just can’t find much info for the vvti swaps.
I get to work on the car about one day a month.

Not sure about the VVTi swap but I know there isn't much room to play on the driver's side thanks to the steering shaft.
You will probably have the same issues as me with the sump, unless you have a custom sump made.

I have made some progress though...
I installed an Aerowflow Ratchet Shifter and had to make brackets to mount the cable onto the A340



Plus I also made this thing to convert each of the shifter positions into a variable voltage. I don't have enough inputs to the Haltech to run individual wires so this circuit takes 5V and changes is into:

P = 0.6V
R = 1.4V
N = 2.2V
D = 3.0V
2 = 3.8V
1 = 4.5V

0.0V and 5.0V are reserved to trigger a DTC if there is a problem with the circuit.

Turns out the Volvo XC60 pump was stuffed so I picked up an Astra pump that works fine. Will hopefully make some brackets and mount it this weekend. Following that, all it needs is a dump pipe fitted and I can start it.
Latest updates:
  • Dump pipe is done but I'm ashamed of my welding so you'll only see pics once its wrapped
  • Wastegate is a tight fit but its in, along with oil feed and return
  • After replacing the thermostat o-ring and outlet (pin hole in the plastic) the cooling system is watertight and no leaks
  • After some auto tuning at low rpm and load, the engine runs and idles beautifully at 750
  • Cooling fan cycles on @90 and off @88 degrees consistently
Now to pull the whole front off it, finish the heat shielding and final reassemble.
Pics to come.
Saturday morning, the car got stripped back to the front of the motor and I started insulating the plastics.
Cut short but family commitments, and yard duties, I didnt get stuck into it again until Sundary arvo.
The two covers most exposed to manifold heat done and I finally finished the alternator tensioner pulley bracket.

Yes, that is my blood on the aluminium surface in Pic#2. Need to be more careful handling and cutting the insulating sheet.