1997 LS400 immobilized

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Hey everyone! Justin told me to post here so nice to meet eveyone

Long story short 97 LS400 alarm went off from back window being broken to get into car, while alarm was going off and I was looking for keys my friend opened hood and removed negative terminal from battery to stop alarm (dumb I know)

After that my OBD2 scanner doesn’t connect and the car will crank fine but doesn’t start.

Car was running and driving fine before: I’ve tried unplugging and resetting everything. Tried everything I could find online also. I have spare ecu and that’s only thing I haven’t tried yet. I know 97 is weird stand-alone year for its immbolizer and when alarm goes off the key doesn’t get recognized by the transponder anymore or something thus that’s why it doesn’t start.

Anyone have any ideas or solutions to fix this my problem? Would be greatly appreciated and if your answer fixes I’ll gladly cash app or chime you a few bucks for your time and efforts. I’ve seen online a guy can reprogram key to the immobilizer but when I told him I have the key still and it doesn’t start he was concerned that wasn’t my issue but would still read my immobilizer and see if the key would communicate still.

Thanks for any and all help.


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Find someone with proper scan tool and at least pull the codes
Lack of start can be caused by many problems apart from immobilizer

Also, immobilizer in ECU can be fixed completely , actual ecu will be needed. After that ecu will start any car and will not communicate to factory immobilizer system at all. The service is mostly used for engine transplant projects. Available in USA, UK, NZ