Vertex Ridge Widebody *In Stock*

Luxury Mods

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Hello guys/gals,

Please email us ([email protected]) for the absolute fastest response or send us a message via AIM (LuxuryMods).

For our first item special, we have all Vertex kits in stock (ready for shipment or delivery).

Please PM or Email (reference Lextreme name) us for pricing for these other authentic quality Vertex aero products that are IN STOCK!

-Digna IS250/350 Kit
-Digna LS460/600H - Front & Rear Half Spoilers
-Digna SC430 Hood Bonnet Spoiler
-Digna SC430 Kit
-JZS160/161 - 2GS Full Kit
-JZZ/UZZ30.31 - 92-00 SC Bonnet Spoiler
-JZZ/UZZ30.31 - 92-00 SC Full kit
-Shift Knob (white)
-Steering wheel (330mm Blue Deep Dish *10 Star Edition*)
-Altezza (SXE/GXE10) Aero Fenders
-Altezza (SXE/GXE10) Bonnet Spoiler (CFRP)
-Vertex Emblems

Chicken Wing

New Member
Hey mate, I cant find much info on the Vertex kit for the IS300, im really interested in the flares.
Do you have any pics? Are they as wide as the WALD flares?
Thanks mate, Jozef