Tweaked Performance' Tricks, Lies, and Illusions


**Tweak’D Performance’s Tricks, Lies, and Illusions**

Anyhow, I also want to set the record straight, I am a backyard mechanic and am mechanically incline. It is not my profession, it’s my hobby.
I had a 93 SC400 a long time ago, and found out it to be a Frankenstein frame & body and I had to part out the car. Years later I got into 4x4 Toyotas and began a new project. With my love and respect to both cars, I planned to combine both worlds. Swapping a SC400 1UZ V8 motor to my 86 Toyota 4runner (T4R) truck.
Picked up a complete perfectly running SC400 in Oakland, CA and striped the car for the motor. I manage to salvage everything except for the frame and body. Those were recycled.

The process to make this V8 to fit took 7 months. The last step was the wiring harness. My attempts on the harness lead me in circles. I was able to learn a great deal and understanding of how it worked.. I later found a company called Tweak’D Performance (TP) from many forums including this one that specializes in a PLUG N PLAY harness. I emailed the company about my needs and was told it was a simple install. After extensive research of this company and multiple emails and calls, I was told it would take about 2 weeks to build. That time was estimated due to their schedule. I would need to send a complete UNCUT SC400 engine wiring harness and a few plugs from my old engine wire harness to make it work. So I sent what was needed for the build to TP. The SC400 harness had the male and female (body) plugs, along with ½ moon TDLC, FP ECU wiring.

A few weeks later I receive my harness as promised. Unwrapped my harness and was a little disappointing. There were a few wires cut hanging around. In some other parts of the harness, there was no tape or wrapping. But who cares, those were the little things. Wrapped it up with tape and installed it.
Before starting the motor, there was a 1 plug in the front of the driver side coil that had nowhere to go… I was told a few things from JOSH @ TP:
• it was a T4R plug that goes to the body of the truck.
• Second, it needed “12V Ignition 2” to power relays.


• After going through the entire SC400 car wiring harness both interior and exterior, I found 2 plugs that looked just like the plug that was installed. So it’s not a T4R plug.
• Also, I added the “12V Ignition SWITCH 2” and it did not supply power to any relays.
• Continuity checked it and it was connected to a few different wires on the ECU.
• It was determine to be a wiring mistake from TP.

Considering that plug was not a vital part of the engine harness, I went to start.

1. No start.
2. Shifter lights on the cluster comes on.
3. Relay installed to the harness is not working, had to jump a wire to make it click.
4. Once relay is override with a jumper wire, motor cranks and cranks. But won’t start.
5. Fuel pump ECU is not controlling the FP. That’s why it will not start. Had to add a 12V jumper wire to the FP to send fuel.
6. Once harness is rig with a 12V jumpers to the relays and FP, engine will now start, when it starts:
a. 4x4 light is not wired
b. TACH is not working
i. Continuity check from igniter to a “labeled” TACH wire.. results in NO continuity
ii. Strip the harness to find it “CUT” and located 12-16 inches up from the ECU.
iii. Talk to JOSH and he said my TACH is broken or I have COP issues, and or the 4 cylinder pulse will not work on a 6 cylinder cluster...WRONG again..

c. With Ignition ON the cluster, “R” (for reverse), LIGHT stays on, back up reverse light behind truck LIGHTS on..
i. Once the ignition is OFF, the “P” stays on. And when you shift to every gear, the light is lit.

7. NOW had to recheck everything because of all these issues. The engine harness was integrated to the T4R body connectors, contain 1 female plug. 1 of those FEMALE pins does not connect to anything on my MALE pins on the body of the T4R…
a. Continuity check and found it’s wired with a number different wires from the ECU.

PLUG & PLAY harness??? Left a few message to CAM and didn’t get a call back at all. I had to reach out several times. When I got CAM he fumbles and tells me JOSH will call me back not realizing it was my 2nd call.. I call again at some random time to hopefully get JOSH. Once I got the dude, he was confused on which harness it was. He kept referring to a 2JZ and wanted me to buy a 2JZ harness… I told the guy “dude it’s a 1UZ to T4R”. He blamed my problems on the old harness and wanted to build me a new harness. I wasn’t going to fall for this since we already had issues, but I inquire further. He also wanted to charge me another $1000.00 on top of what I already paid. I ask if I can pay the difference because the first harness didn’t work and there were lots of problems. A total of $340.00 difference or so. Dude said NO, it had to be a new transaction. So WTF, I told JOSH, this harness is wire wrong in many ways and gave him my explanation and my findings. He told me again it was my harness. I told the guy the problem is not the harness, the problem is the work he had done to it… so after a long discussion we agree to ship it back.. after a week from our conversation I shipped it with tracking through USPS. I also included instructions on what I have discovered and taped parts of the harness that had the missing tach and missing pins and so forth….JOSH said he’ll pay for my shipping so we’ll have to see about that.. It costs me about $36.00 or so. After a whole week I called back and got CAM, the guy said he just receive it today, well thats B.S cause my tracking said it was delivered last Monday and today is Monday, so I told him it was a week and I can send a tracking #. He told me JOSH haven’t even looked at it and thought JOSH was going to build me a new harness AND he’ll have JOSH call me back.. WTF again!! Well I’m tire of all this BS, I have videos of the harness of how it look, I also have videos of everything hooked up to my truck showing what I was referring to. That info would be posted.


Called again and waited 10 mins and I was the 1st caller, not surprise.. Got JOSH on the line and dude said he just got in to work and just receive the package. I told him my tracking shows it was receive 1 week ago and I can also send tracking #. He again change the subject..It seems like I will not be getting my $36.00 for shipping. It also seems that JOSH is Dr Tweak’D. I ask the guy twice to speak with the owner Dr. Tweak’D, and repeatedly Josh said he was the man. He also said he is the man willing to make my truck run or not. He also stated he can do whatever he wants including deciding if he wants to finish the harness or not.. So I told the guy, I was tire of all the BS, the lies, the time frame, and I can file a lawsuit, as I have family in NC who is a lawyer, I can also file a complaint to the BBB, and post all my proof on all the website they do business with. I also told the guy I got 6+ videos of the harness he sent.. Those videos will be proof of the problems. After a heated moment, he agree to call me back and we both agree to hang up.
Hours later, I receive a call from JOSH, he went through the list of issues I included in the packages and advice:
1. TACH wire is now connected, was wire wrong.
2. The shifter lights issue was wire wrong.
3. Loose wires not connected were not needed.
4. I will get a $36 check
5. FP ECU wiring is correct, was told, if not recieving a good crank signal, may cause it not to control FP..
6. Check all engine ground
7. Check the sub harness that connects to driver side cams.
8. ½ moon TDLC and male and female (body) plugs were thrown away, after I was told TP salvages those
9. Harness is shipped as of today and should be receiving it by Friday.


NO harness yet. I was told by JOSH last Tuesday 02.11.2014 I would receive harness by Friday 02.14.2014 and its NOW 02.18.2014.. I assume it was Presidents Day, but UPS does deliver on that day and also that Saturday.
Phone TP at 1030 am PST spoke with CAM, they will email me a tracking # and was told shipment went out 02.15.2014. And expected delivery date on 02.24.2014, totally B.S services and lies again. I am so through with this company..

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