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Didnt the later model irs falcons have a rear bolt in craddle similar to the jap stuff??May be an easily available option.


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Wasnt some company over east making a conversion setup to bolt the holden IRS from late model commodores into the old 1 tonner, sure I read about it in Street Machine mag. I,ll go dig out my old mags and have a look see :)


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A JZA70 rear end is worth a look. Basically what i run. 8inch diff is pretty well unbreakable. Upper/lower wishbone with alloy uppers, decent brakes.

I can source you a cheap one to use to measure and mock up if suitable?
Thanks for the suggestions guys.
I still have alot more measuring to do, but it seems the position of the chasis rails are going to be my biggest limiting factor with regard to the type of irs I can use.
Basically it seems that they will foul on the upper control arms of a double wishbone setup. However I am definately not counting anything out at this stage.
Hillbilly, that would be great if you can fint that article.
At a glance it seems the VT-VX commodore IRS would fit fairly easily due to its trailing arm design (not sure if thats the right terminology) and approx total width. There are also Kazz and Detroit True Trak centres available for them.
Anyway, early days yet, alot more measuring and weighing up of the pros and cons of what I find.
Cheers guys


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hi trev, im recently new to the forum and have been watching your build with much interest, as im planing a similar project with my wb tunna [race car], much to the disgust of my chev mad family.


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hi trev, im recently new to the forum and have been watching your awsome build with much interest, as i am planning a similar project for our tunna [drag car], much to the disgust of my "chev" mad family. i was just woundering how/where you ran your dum pipes on the drivers side, because of the wide engine and the brake booster and steering shaft etc. iv just sat my engine in and at the momment that is about the only problem i can see. love your work by the way awsome job.
Hey John,
Man its gonna take me some time to catch up on all you guys have been doing.
Personally i've been going through a very messy divorce.
Five years in the making.
Which included having to break into my own house/workshop & steal my own car (this one) back from my ex & her ratbag family.
My project has been buried in the back of a packed shipping container at a mates property all this time.
Settlement was last week..............
Time for it to see daylight again.
Unfortunately she ended up with most of everything, which is usually the way here when you have children etc.
Arh well, I didn't come here to moan, I'm actually pretty friggin happy its all over now.
Hows that Supra of yours going?
Cheers, my friend.


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Trev, sorry to hear about all the domestic issues. Hope brighter days are ahead for you, and we'll see more of you around here now.

The Supra is in storage waiting for me to finish the UZ. The UZ is now finished, but I need to take all the go fast stuff off the mockup motor and transfer it to the real motor at the engine builder's shop. Just have been too lazy and too occupied with the FCar to do it, but I really need to get off my lazy backside and just do it.

It's interesting that after all the testing I did of various coils, I'll probably be going with the same bike coils you did - those or some Honda/Acura coils that are fairly low profile but still have built in ignitors. They're untested though, so I don't know if they'll be man enough to spark at 20psi of boost.


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shame that i cant see any pics of this
Yea, our forum server was hacked/crashed back in 2008 and when it came back all the pics were out of sync with the threads, and eventually they were all wiped out.


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are you running spacers?? Im looking at doing the same and converting to ford/jap stud pattern to increase the range of rims available.
are you running spacers??
I am using hubcentric wheel adapters.
The spindle is a 50mm drop crs item.
Hubs are also crs commodore stud pattern.
As you would know the offset is still wrong to be able to use commodore pattern wheels unless you have some made with a custom off set.
Below is my crude drawing of what I had made.
They are hubcentric to both the hub & the wheel & made from 7000 series alu

And the real thing