No, hadn't even thought of it John.
I was going to wrap some of it to stop it abraiding against other components though.
I have some soft foam tubing used for insulating aircon piping here, do you think this would be suitable?
Cheers mate


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Trev, that foam sounds like it'd work fine; I'd just doublecheck to be sure it's noncombustible, or doesn't support combustion, doesn't give off poisonous fumes, etc.

Wrapping those lines may not gain you anything at all, but we all know fuel starts percolating at around 40 degrees C at atmospheric, so anything you can do to keep it cooler and denser will help your power.

For my 2JZ I had both the fuel rail and intake manifold heat shield coated. I know that sounds a little OTT, but it really didn't cost that much, and I've got no issues with hot restarts, plus the heat shield coating is an attractive silver color and keeps the aluminum from corroding.

Thanks for the heads up with the coating John, as I will be getting my turbo headers and dumps coated in the next few weeks anyway, I will now look into the cost to do the fuel rails and lower intake also. Heat soak is definately a bitch.
What are your thoughts on fitting a cooler to the fuel return line?
I have read that circulating a large amount of fuel tends to heat it considerably.


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Over circulation of fuel definitely heats it up, and hot fuel makes less power than cool fuel. We discovered this with Caterpillar diesels on dynos years ago, when our techs would inadvertently leave the fuel coolers turned off, and the engines wouldn't make rated power.

Most high power Supra owners run dual fuel pumps and stage them to keep from pumping and circulating too much fuel at idle. I preferred to use a single stock pump and PWM it down to 9v at idle, then boost it to 16v at high turbo boost levels to make sure I had enough fuel. This arrangement has served me well. These fuel pumps are quite sensitive to voltage and you can vary their outputs a lot by simply changing the supply voltage.

There's some good reading about this on Kenne Bell's website.

Thanks Lex, the inspiration from lextreme site members (IFLSM) has pushed me to do my best. Its great to be at the hooking everything up stage.


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Hey guy's, I'm trying to plan out a project at the moment and was wondering if you think the 1uzfe would fit into the engine bay of an LH/LX Torana? I know the rails are a little narrower than the larger GMH cars, and not sure if the steering would be in the way of the exhaust. What do you think?



That is fantastic work!
I don't post here much any more, having sold the Cressida last year and now looking more at investing rather than car modifying, but I must say that your car looks absolutely tops. (Wish you luck getting the power to the ground in a cab-chassis, though! :) )

I remember my Cressida being one of the "early" custom cars on this site (and you were building your car even before that!), but looking at the evolution of the site and the increasing quality of projects being turned out (yours, Autronic's and numerous others - did I spot a reference to someone putting one in a kit plane? ), makes my poor old car (at least when we had taken it as far as we wanted to go with it) look almost standard!

In short, congrats on the great job. I'll stop reading now, before I think about doing something my Mrs wont thank me for!!!
Here's a pic of the fuse and relay panel that I made up.
This is in addition to the cars existing fuse box.
As this vehicle is pre EFI many extra circuits needed to be added.
I made up a panel to fit inside the Glove compartment for easy access and this keeps it all well hidden too.
The whole panel can be unscrewed and unplugged from the new EFI loom to be worked on/modified
My glove compartment is quite deep and still has some room even with the new panel.


Hey looks like a great job. I've had a 1uz in my HJ coupe for about 8 months but have taken it of the road to try and cure the cancer it has (bigger job than first thought). Like you I used CRS mounts, sump and supra box conversion. At first I cut the mounts from the cross member and shifted the motor back 45mm to clear the alternator from the steering box. Trouble is I would like to use a WB air-con unit so I need to shift the motor forward again. I was going to make a bracket and shift the alternator above the aircon pump next to the rocker cover but I'm always looking for an better way. I like the look of rack/pinion. Have you driven a car with this conversion, is it better than standard. Do you know if you can get a power rack to work. Sorry for all the questions. I'm in Geraldton WA and people look at me as if I have two heads when I talk about Lexus engine swaps its nice to see others with the same amount of heads as me.
Thanks Andrew
Hi Andrew,
No, haven't driven it yet but have spoken to others who have done it before.
They say it feels quite light but not as light as the power assisted original box.
Also good feel at high speed, which as a HQ-WB driver yourself, you would know is lacking with power assisted boxes on these.
No power rack options are available as far as I know due to the scarcity of compatible width front mount power racks.
It definately gives better front end geometry if set up correctly.


Thanks Trev
You must be a night owl. I need to recon my power steering box and I won't get much change out of $500 so I thought I'd look at the rack option. The hole thing is it has to be nice to drive so that the boss/wife and kids are kept happy. The only problem I found before I took it of the road was that 275:1 diff was all wrong for such a high rev motor. I still need to sort out the suspension hight speedo and tacho. I'll be keeping an eye on you.
Cheers Andrew


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Drewpee i understand what your on about having lived in Gero for 20 years until recently.a 1uz conversion was what i always wanted to do but it aint a ford or chevy so you get the usual looks.If your after a in dash evap for your hj ive got a couple still up in gero,fits in between the firewall and dash,just got to shorten your glovebox.At least there will be a trend setter up there instead of a follower!


Thanks 1uzvl that would give more room than the ugly under bonnet unit I have now. I haven't looked into what's involved in hooking up the aircon yet but it sounds like you may be another lextreme fountain of knowledge. I love this site.:veryhappy
Thought i'd add a couple of pics as its been a while.
Have a pinched nerve in my shoulder at the moment so its about all I am capable of doing.
Haven't done much lately as i have been very busy with work/kids/family etc.
I have enclosed the radiater and intercooler to maximise cooling as i have lost some air flow to the rad by mounting the cooler in front of it.
I wonder if petrol will still available when I finish this project!
Currently working on air filter piping to each turbo and connecting the radiator up.