Toyota/Lexus ECU reprogramming


I'm starting to offer new service, in addition to immo off (see

Currently supported are
Lexus LS430 / Toyota Celsior UCF30 , 6a/t only
Lexus GS430 / Toyota Crown Majesta UZS186, 6a/t only
Lexus IS250 / Toyota Mark X
Toyota Tundra 5.7 , all years
Toyota Sequoia 5.7 , all years

With more to come. So far I can only do ECUs dated from 2003 onwards

ECU should be sent to me for reflashing

Currently available options:
-power/torque increase
-disabling catalytic converters monitoring, sub o2 sensors, charcoal canister monitoring
-disabling a/t related DTCs and fail safe modes for manual transmission install

power/torque increase is achieved by changes made to the following parameters: (ignition advance map including base calibration, max retard values, and THA/THW correction as well as adjustment per VVT position ; fuel map including base calibration and dynamic enrichment values; changing VVTi base maps)

Price is $400 USD for any list of supported options


A friend of mine actually does this to *OLDER* ECUs which I can not care less for
These use 8-bit Motorola-derived processors

Newer ECUs like those for 1UZ vvti and 3UZ (2000-2003) use 16-bit controllers, but these seem to be mask ROM programmed (i.e. one time programming that is part of crystal manufacture process). Apparently these can be run off external memory, like this is done in my Tom's tuned ECU for 1uz-fe vvti. But the method ultimately needs desoldering of old processor and installing some add-on board.

Even if someone manages to read factory firmware from such ECU, I would not bother even trying to do that lot of precise handwork. In fact I even don't rely much on my Tom's ECU and always have a spare factory ECU in my car.

What I offer for newer ECUs is purely software thing and that's reliable enough to me.