stuck @ 16.4


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bone stock LS400

50PSI in the tires (trying to loose some grip)

maybe 300lbs more than OEM weight. 1/2 a tank with 91 octane.

couldn't do better than 16.4 @ 88-89MPH

that damn car sleeps on the lane, 2.8 2.9 for the 60 feet...

i couldn't make it spin on the lane like i did for my SC400 to try to pass that crappy 2200RPM. I'm really dissapointed, i was hoping for at least 16.2 man, this is slower than my Cressida! what a shame, where are those 8 cylinders? anyway, I still love the car, but damn it's slow...

ohh and I did something like, 20 runs so it wasn't a few try. 4-5 runs i did 16.8.......