No injector pulse on SC400 1UZ engine.

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Hi folks,
I recently re-commenced working on a long term project that I started about 8 or 9 years ago. I had some communications on this site when I began but a broken marriage and re-location meant the project had to stop for a while. I am building a trike with the engine and drivetrain from a 92 SC400. I have the almost complete engine loom but some changes have had to be made. I copied the instructions on this site from "1UZFE 40-40-40 PIN-OUT" for wiring it up and no matter how many times I have gone over my wiring it appears to be exactly as the instructions require. It starts up instantly on the cold start injector and settles into a rough idle, but there is no injector pulse on any of the injectors. The fact that it keeps on running on the cold start injector seems to be a problem in itself but I am not concerned about that at the moment. It's probably a faulty thermal time switch. All the injectors are powered and the ECU is not switching them. I sent the ECU to Mike Beck and he freshened it up and it is a working ECU. The ignition system is working. All 12v wires to the ECU are powered and all Earths are grounding. I am just a wee bit uncertain about a couple of things. No. 6 pin on Plug E9 is for "Check engine fault/code" light. I don't have this connected to anything at this stage. Also on E9 plug Pins 31 and 32 are "12v in from EFI relay". I have this connected to 12v Ignition. On plug E10, pins 49 and 50 are for the knock sensors. But the original loom has these pins (brown wires) connected to ground as well as to a 7 pin plug which is open.. I have left them like that. What am I missing?