My little weekend project Hiace/granvia lxh12


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Ok, thanks for a great forum.. I've been surfing around for a while, but my 1uz has been stored until for about a month and a half ago, when suddenly the turbo of my 2L-T powered Hiace suddenly died...
The thing that I got an 1uz in my garage and no replacement turbo for my 2L made the choice easy... and then it started... LOL...

I have been searching around to find if anyone else have fitted a 1UZ in a Hiace/grandvia/granhiace like mine with no result, so I thought it was fun to see if I could make enough space for it...

I also found me a decent sized Holset turbo in my shed together with the R154 gearbox, bellhousing from castlemaine, osgiken twinplate clutch/flywheel, supra mkiv FMIC, and a megasquirt, etc, etc.... :biggthumpup:

So whats left on the to do list right now is to get it fired up (have tried couple times, but hopefully the problem is solved now... got a small trigger issue with the megasquirt so I didn't get the ignition right.. and I also have to weld up the exhaust from the frontpipe and rearwards..
I'm looking for some place between 4-500hp..

So far the project given me alot more hours in my workshop than I expected, but I'm looking forward to hear/feel the result.. And my girlfriend and son is looking forward to see me a bit more in the evenings.. lol ;-)

btw.. there's a little picture from my workshop :)



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he he, I'm looking forward to see the reactions from others around when they try to overtake that van in frint of them... :wave:

btv I have had trouble with my megasquirt setup, it seems like it just some time ignited at the right angle and some time not.. and I havent been able to get it started yet.. but a friend tested a bit on his megasquirt simulator, and it seems like whats wrong was that I've set it up with dual dizzy, and also told megatune what tooth that should be trigger return.. seems like it is set to just toggle between the two coils on dual dizzy... I'm away for new year celebration now, but will test it out as soon I get home again...

I'm running megasquirt extra, with original crank trigger modified by cutting away one tooth on the triggerwheel..

here's how I made the sump...
The engine is originally a mid sump early crown engine, but i got the soarer rear sump from "200sx-v8" on the forum, and he got my mid-sump.. , Thanks :)


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Looking good :burnout:
I gess this will increase the needs for reartires.........

Good that I dont have to trailer the car on the same road as you to the track.....Lol.Its gona be pretty awefult to be passed of a 2,0 T Diesel Hiace with a 500bhp+ MR2 on the trailerbed...........
It would be fun to look on the grinds to the ones you pass in the steep uphills on the way to the ACR lol...

Can you post some more pics?


Nice project Man ... you will have fun with that little Toyota bus… hehehe !!!! I am interesting to know more about how you connect the Megasquirt .. Did you use the OEM crank sensor ? What about other sensors ?


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rydning, thanks :) guess the fun-factor of towing the mr2 to the tracks will increase... hehe.. I will post some more pictures later, but tries to use my time in the workshop until i got the car up running... (got those pictures on my lap-top.. )

mshawari1, hehe, hope that I can see some cars dissapear in the rearview mirror :)
Regarding the megasquirt; I've used the original 12-tooth wheel and cutted one tooth, so it has become a 12- 1 generic wheel.. i'm running megasuirt 1 extra.
began with the oem sensor, but did'n get a stable RPM reading, then modified a ford edis vr-sensor to fit in original location. now I got the RPM signal stable but it seems like the igintion still misses..I've been busy troubleshooting on this problem the last days, and I haven't isolated the problem yet.. some times with the spark plugs grounded an placed on top of engine, it seems like it fires normal.. and in the next moment only one or two fires.. then none, and so one.. it seems like it fails randomly....
I've checked the vr-signal with a oscilloscope, the pulses seems fine, but i didn't notice the voltage... I wiill check that tomorrow, that's at least one shot...
next will be to find out if the megasuirt reads an double missing instead of correct missing tooth, so if anyone know how I can check that, would I be very happy for some info ;-)

Lextreme, I dunno if you got this car in US, but here's a picture :



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youhuu! It's alive! hehe

Sorted out the problem today, reason for the ignition issue was that the tooth I cut away to get the original 12 to be 12-1 was not removed in the right way.. I only cutted away the tooth itself leaving the "tooth base" as is... so there was enogh metal to get the sensor trig the vr input when the engine rised above crank speed. causing the megasquirt to misfire coupe of times then reset, fire normal on some cylinders, misfire, reset and so on...
So I blended the area if the missing tooth better and the engine started right away.. :-D

hopefully, I'll be on the road tomorrow..

here's a picture from the engine bay today


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wanna do similar conversion in the exact same car....well not really mine is a toyora regius but its the same every thing only body panels are some questions...

got a 1KZ-TE motor with A340 auto box...which would be better? and what diff are you running?

what mods did you do to get this to fit?