Has anyone ever done a 1UZ vvti v8 supra swap


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as above anyone ever done a 2uz in to a 93> supra,im about to do one in an aero top....pics or links would be great....
also does the 1uz sump and pick up fit the 2uz vvti as i need to make it rear sump???thanks...


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hey gloverman are you sure? i'm running the 2uz block on my mkiii supra and I just swapped everything from my sc400 1uz straight over, with no modifications. Am I missing something here?


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Beario, 2UZ's are the cast iron block 4.7 liter motors found in Toyota pickups.

1UZ's are the ally block 4.0 motors found in Lexus cars.

If your motor is coming out of an LS400, you have a 4.0 liter 1UZ.

I'll change the title of your thread to reflect 1UZ instead of 2UZ.


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When we have swapped sumps from early motor Gen 1/2 onto VVti (1uz and 3uz) engines we drill some of the main sump mounting holes from 6 mm to 8mm. These are the main alloy pan onto block bolts. No tapping , just drilling. I could be wrong about the 2uz, that one was a while ago. Cheers