GS400 Lowering Advice

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Any suggestions?

I want to lower my car, and begin to build my suspension. I don't know if I should invest firstly in Springs, strut bars (F&R), traction rods and a good & solid suspension bushings replacement, or should I buy a nice set of coilovers and strut bars...(not both due to $)

For wheels and tires, I plan on running upgrading to and 18" wheel with a staggered fitment of, 235 Front 255 rear. Tires of choice,

1- Hankook Ventus V12 evo K110

2-Falken Fk452(heard mixed reviews)

3-Yokohama Advan A043

Wheels- I'm not sure yet, but something lightweight either Rota, or a nice enkei or something.

Please note that I plan on adding another at least another 60 horses to the 1UZ:D via a dragon converter, srt intake, greddy exhaust, and either a reflash, or a thorough re-tune.

This car will be a daily driver, driven very "enthusiastically " at times.:) It will cruise highways, take trips from 150 to over 1000 miles 1 way. It should be comfortable, but I know that I will have to make some sacrifices. I want my suspension tight.

All feedback and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.

Thanks everyone.:)
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My feelings on suspension is that if you want a super tight setup for a DD, go coilovers. By the time you add up the lowering coils + the tokiko's (or other brands) plus the labor to put them together, your right at the price for a decent coilover setup.

Coilovers allow for height, compression and preload adjustments (rebound too if your really ballin'). Also, coilovers are much more compact, allowing wider rims/tires w/o binding with some weight savings as well.

Great website for GS400 owners:

Go through the 5 pages of suspension products are you'll see a grip of different coilover/coil options. Personally I would find one thats up your alley and then google the heck out of it for a better price. The 2nd Gen GS has suspension parts for every moving part of your ride.


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coilovers. the adjustability is worth it, not to mention the retention of suspension travel. bc racing is what's hot right now. they are higher quality than every other taiwanese brand i've seen (megan, k-sport, d2, etc.) and still in the "budget" segment. custom dampers/valving/spring rates available also. since the downfall of jic they have become my go to.

i chose to stay away from the 452s despite my affection for falken. in my circle (read: stretched tires) they have a reputation for weak sidewalls. granted we're misusing them, but most other tires hold up with better success.