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    GS400 N/A 450rwhp

    My goals are allot more HP and long term reliability during aggressive driving. I'm looking for an N/A engine build that can produce close to 400 rwhp, I was told 375 was possible at the flywheel.. The car will be on the interstate often, with occasional trips to the drag strip when im feeling...
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    GS400 Turbo or Supercharge?

    So Here it is- I want to boost my car. It is a 99 GS400 with VVTi &E-shift. I have am immediate budget of about $1800 and a complete budget of about 4-5k$ I will like to have extra power as soon as possible. I am willing to try supercharging fro now due to $ and then later move to...
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    GS400 Lowering Advice

    Any suggestions? I want to lower my car, and begin to build my suspension. I don't know if I should invest firstly in Springs, strut bars (F&R), traction rods and a good & solid suspension bushings replacement, or should I buy a nice set of coilovers and strut bars...(not both due to $) For...
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    Attention lexus gs 2nd gen owners

    Hey guys, Trini here. I have returned with the answers to some questions I have had over the last few months, concerning suspension and steering problems that has been plaguing my sweet and dear 99 GS400. If you search the suspension forums, you should be able to find my thread concerning...