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    Single Exhaust Piping After Stock Y Pipe For 1UZ

    Hello, first time user but does anyone know what size piping I should use for a single exhaust on a stock 1UZ? I know the general answer is 2.5 Inches but I want to keep the engine quiet. So I was thinking to get some OEM Mufflers to weld on but I know that could hurt airflow and power ratings...
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    Problems With Exhaust Size

    Hello, i'am new here and i'am a no native english speaker xD, i have a Toyota Altezza with a 1UZ VVT-I Engine and W58 manual transmission, my friends say me that my exhaust is very small, from Headers to Y pipe is 2.50 but half way, before reaching the Y pipe is 2.0, from Y pipe to rear bumper...
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    V8 Side Pipes.

    Hi All, Im very nearly done with my V8 conversion in my Mazda Bongo/ Ford Freda. I've got some 60" side pipes to run up each sill and it must be de-cat'd as the cats dont leave enough room for my gear selector cable. Question is, do I need an X pipe or will the Lexus V8 run ok without it. Im...
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    GS400 Lowering Advice

    Any suggestions? I want to lower my car, and begin to build my suspension. I don't know if I should invest firstly in Springs, strut bars (F&R), traction rods and a good & solid suspension bushings replacement, or should I buy a nice set of coilovers and strut bars...(not both due to $) For...