Single Exhaust Piping After Stock Y Pipe For 1UZ

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Omrie Sabbagh

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Hello, first time user but does anyone know what size piping I should use for a single exhaust on a stock 1UZ? I know the general answer is 2.5 Inches but I want to keep the engine quiet. So I was thinking to get some OEM Mufflers to weld on but I know that could hurt airflow and power ratings. So what about a 3 Inch pipe with the 2 OEM Mufflers welded on? Most people don't do this but I figured I would be the first to keep it FAIRLY Quiet.
Wow. I never thought I would get a response that quick. What about using the exhaust from the 2UZ Tundra? Like just take the middle section off and transplant it? I didn’t have time to watch the whole video but I will soon. Thanks for the help bro. Edit: I didn’t reload the page so I didn’t receive your answer until about 5 minutes ago. Sorry for the late response, I will reload from now on.
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I am using exhaust parts from a Tundra TRD dual exhaust kit which were designed for a 2UZ. My system has 2.25 inch pipes connected to the headers, a 2.25 to 3" collector to terminate the y pipe. A large volume cat with 3" in and out then into a smooth 3" to 2.5" reduction to meet up to the TRD resenator and then TRD tundra muffler with twin 2" tail pipes. Its quiet unil you step on it and then makes some legal rumble. Works well given the exhaust on most Hilux type vehicles has to go down the left hand side of the vehicle to clear the driveshafts and the fuel tank. The goal is to not restrick the flow in one increment. Avoid transitions from really large area pipe to small area pipe. Best to spread them out in my view. In my case back pressure is maintained by the resenator and muffler. This will produce low and torque but will also slow well at higher engine speeds.