Ford Mustang Wheels


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....will Ford Mustang wheels fit an a LS400 (´96) ?
Looks like they have the same bolt pattern, 5x114.3...

If so, does anybody know where I can find some nice 19'' Mustang wheels, that clear big breaks ?...(eg.19x9 and 19x10.5).....

Company/person must be willing to ship to Europe....


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They should fit if it's 5x114.3... Finding a rim offset to fit Supra big brakes is going to be a challenge.. Spacers won't work either on the fronts... Been there done that... Good luck... Try for Ford rims..


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Ebay has some knock off mustang rims for a good price.. Just check there. I doubt they have 19s though. Just some 18x9 and 18x10s with like a +22 and +24 offset. Would prob. need to roll your fenders a bit though.



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I am running the Saleen replicas on my SC400 18X9 +18 front and rear and they clear the LS400 calipers by a mile. And look sweet. Just make sure you use come hub centric spacers because the inner hub Diameter on the Mustang wheels are much larger than the Lexus ones.



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Sorry for the crappy quality pics. They usually have a cobra emblem in the center but I had my buddy that owns a vinyl shop cover them in black and do the red L emblems, cost me about 10 bucks. This is before the drop and roll but you get the idea.