DUI help Los Angeles!


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So i got pulled over saturday night in hermosa beach by a DUI taskforce outside of a club. I passed the field test, but they asked me to take a bac test and i refused as that is what i have always been advised to do. I spent the night in jail and now have a court date in march. I am new to california and would like to know of any DUI attorney recommendations.


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Oh...sh***t! I hope you'll be alright, buddy. My cousin just went through his bad time with his DUI for a year. Let David give you some connections, or I can ask my cousin what attorney that he went to.


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What is a "bac test"?

Why would you refuse if you're not drunk? Just out of curiosity.....
Blood Alcohol Content test. It's a breathalyzer. .08% is the limit for driving in most states in the US. DUI's are incredibly expensive fines in the US usually with community service/classes involved. It's probably cheaper to pay for a lawyer than to chance being over .08.

Your car gets impounded (which you pay for daily), you get to spend the evening in jail, the works. It's a pretty nasty ordeal overall. It's even worse if you're a minor.

I have a friend here in college (minor) who blew a .004 and is dealing with a huge fine and court crap.


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well we have to blow in the bag every time we get pulled up in oz.

thats there new way checking over your car for defects over here ,
i had a turbo charged ae92 corolla for the first half of last year and got pulled over almost every day (pain in the butt)


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The New South Wales BAC limit is .05% for most drivers and down to zero% for Learners.

The fine for refusal to provide a breath test is identical to being drunk. The book is thrown at you and they fine you and take you licence away.

The theory is that only people who are over the limit would refuse.

Up until about 1996 Insurance polices said they wouldn't pay for any damage if you failed the test. This created a situation where you were better off refusing the test to have a chance of getting your claim paid. The industry amended all policies to say "or refused a breath test" which put paid to that.

A couple of our States NSW is one) have legislation in place that an Insurance Company cannot use the Police BAC reading to decline a claim. They have to prove the driver was over the limit with Toxicologists reports and then show via the reports that the drivers ability was impaired.

Makes it pretty hard and expensive for Insurers to decline claims.


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The theory is that only people who are over the limit would refuse.
Yeah that was pretty much what I was hinting at in my last post. Do the crime, pay the fine. Especially when you're risking other peoples lives by being over the limit, which is high in the US it seems (0.08%)