Crown UZS131 wiring diagrams are here.


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thanks sideshow,
I have sorted most of it out.
I was under the impression that the speed sensor that usually goes to the speedo could be used for the ecu? I know that the 32P? can't be used. Do you sell the converter to use the speedo sensor signal into the ecu.



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i have printed of the japanese alphabet
and trying to half translate stuff on the crown workshop manual
its fun heheheh scriblbes everywhere
but from when i wired up my 1uz with 2 ecus i had both sensors connected
but u only need one to get it to change gears
if u fit these and still no gear changes then u have wired something wrong
remember there is 8 to 10 i think ( id have to check)wires from auto ecu to engine ecu

one speed sensor goes to speedo then to ecu
2nd speed sensor goes to abs then ecu
so no sensor goes directly to ecu

i sell correct sensor for going directly to ecu
its only for the crown boxes
the other speed sensor u need a black box

if u dont run one of them u will get ecu warning light and auto warning light coming on

if u dont run the other one u might get the auto warning light on
which is the overdirve light if u have one
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Hi, can't seem to view or find the crown uzs131 wiring diagrams/ecu pin outs etc, as I'm transplanting a 1uzfe from a crown to an mx83 Toyota cressida ( previously running in a high km shell)


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Thanks for the reply, managed to find the automatic ect and engine ecu diagrams/plugs/colours etc, just spent the day extending the harness ( colour matched through another old gutted harness) will get stuck in tomorrow and see how it goes.

Watched a few of your videos over the last few days, very informative information, you are a 1uz wiring guru And clearly know your wiring that's for sure, will watch the crown uzs131 video you left a link for, if things get out of hand I have a mate who wires every Toyota performance engines into other chassis.



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Still trying to wrap my head around the crown uzs131 speed sensor for shifting the a340 the 7mge mx83 cressida has an sp1 and sp2 on the ecu pin out, also has on grey plug behind dash which powers coils, injectors etc another pin (4) speed sensor for speed input sp2 in ecu, finally on the cressida you also have ( white dash plug) speedo sensor to speedo output.
Now the crown uzs131 has
Sp1 to Eco on ecu
Ss1 speed sensor 1 input
Ss2 speed sensor 2 input

My question is does anybody have any idea whether you use sp1/sp2 ( cressida) dash output to uzs131 ss1 or ss2 or both connected to make the auto shift correctly, running a mechanical speedo in a grande model.



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Anybody have the crown uzs131 gearbox wiring diagrams for the ect computer/wiring mainly overdrive/power/econ mode as purchased them from Gloverman ( big help with ecu) but can’t decipher ect hand written diagrams and many wires are missing from the pages.


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sorted overdrive,but vehicle still starts in all gears, seen many diagrams for nsw/sta wiring but unsure how they wire the park/neutral start wiring?