A340H External Connectors Diagram?

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Im installing a 1UZ with a hybrid A340H into my 94 4runner. Engine is on Stand Alone MS2. So Im looking to manually control solenoids via shift selector switch.

Im looking at the outside of the A340H setting on the bench, but not sure which external connectors/plugs are for what solenoid or sensors. Does anyone have a diagram showing what external connectors are for which solenoids? I think I can deduce what the output shaft speed sensor is, I can deduce what Transmission Gear Selector switch is, 4wd switch. But there is some 2 wire connector on the passenger side just behind the bellhousing flange- what is that?
There are several other 2 wire connectors that are mid body of the trans, over the top of the valve body area- I'll assume those are shift solenoids, but which ones?

There is a 2 wire connector on the transfer case right at the front output shaft... is that the 4th solenoid for low range? 0r is that another speed sensor?

I cant find anything on google, alldataDIY, or on search here. Any ideas how to identify these items without taking the transmission apart and following them internally?