2J accident at Wsid

Jake Breyck

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that car used to reside about an hour from me, (titan) glad it went to a home that would keep it racing, im sure that wont end its carrier.


Joe Signorelli was driving...
By 7 p.m that afternoon engine etc was out..
Yes some severe twisted cage, but they say it will be repaired..
GOOD on them....
Btw wsid drag strip is approx 1 mile away from my home...
Gas motorsport run the car.. There is a guy who posts on here does some fabing for them...



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wow, that track worker halfway down the track was lucky, a few more inches would've made a very bad day....yikes


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That explains why I didnt see it, half the reason I actually went...

But twas a good night of drag racing anyhow.


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I just watch the video. At 1 minute and 12 second of the video, the car almost hit a man. Very close.


Apparently they had issues with boost controler.. It was supposed to hold 30 Lb boost then 60Lb mid track..
It went straight to 60 Lb splitting intercooler...
Not that the crash wouldn't have damaged it anyway...


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What's that guy doing standing there?...I saw him too Lex... Drag racing pro style is a bit nuts at times anyway then you have the idoits standing around in the pathway of destruction...... The guy in the video didn't even flinch as he was either frozen in panic or was in a standing in a canatonic coma to begin with...STRANGE..... Even flying debri's from the crash could have taken him out... Not smart...


To be fair it was test and tune day..
Yea dangerous but he was a photographer..
I think they must have Italian heritage ??
Going by what I see in world rallly championship..Lol...
He was behind the wall...
Just goes to show, you never know!!!
I wish I could get pics/ expressions of his face Lol...


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nice vid, they said the turbo "split" the intercooler in 2? I guess their boost controller staged 60psi instead of 30psi off the line. Thats not a big mistake lol...