1UZFE Powered Airplane


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Don't you have to worry about oil starvation using a standard automotive motor/oil system?

Looks like a pretty stout PTO up front.


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Oil starvation will only become a problem if he does airobatics or tries to fly inverted.

Note the engine doesn't run a MAF looks aftermarket management.


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That is a PSRU, a Propellor Speed Reduction Unit. They are necessary when fitting an automotive engine to an aircraft with the RPMs auto engines run. Props become inefficient after about 2500-2700 RPM (depending on the prop).

Did they say what type of aircraft? Looks like a Lancair.


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hi guys,
i see you like what i have done to 1uzfe engine!!this plane is my own design and is made from fiberglass.the engine has a 2:1 ratio reduction drive for the prop,and is belt drive.yes i am using a aftermarket ecu,that is only using the crank pick up!!there is no problem with the oil,because it is not made for airobatics!!this is my secound plane with the lexus engine and my first one is all most ready to fly!cant wait to get her up in the air!!there will be more pics to follow soon,if any body is keen!!send your question and i do my best to answer them for you!!and thanks a mill to lextreme for all there help and info!!great job!!all the best jean-francois



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Nice project. What aftermarket ecu are you running?

A dry sump setup could easy solve the acrobatic issue if needed I guess.


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i am using a gotech ecu that runs timming and fuel and is set by a laptop computer on a dino!we developed it together with gotech!it runs like a dream,what a pleasure!!!


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This is awesome!

Can you give us some more info or do you have a website of your build?

Where are you located?
What sort of range will it have?
What fuel will it be running?

I've had a look into a few build-it-yourself planes, but none have been very suitable to the 1UZ. This one looks tops.

We all love pics at lextreme, please post whatever you can.

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Looks like a Lancair ESP? Close?

I'd read that Toyota really thought about selling the 1UZ to general aviation. I'm glad to see someone took them up on it!

Rotaries and Subarus are really common on kitplanes like Vans RV, but this one tops it all!

Can't wait to check out your other plane.


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Hi thanks for the interest and yes i will be posting some more pictures this week!!because i am doing my first test flight with the 1uz engine and cant wait to see what she can do!!I am still busy with a web site and soon that will be running!!This plane was my own design and it took me 12years to get her where she is and now i have five bodys that are ready for sale and flight!I am located in south africa and the range of the plane is 5hours flyng time and a speed on around 150knots to 200knots,i will only know that when she is flying with the 1uz!!i will be using normal fuel unleaded!!it is half the price of avgas and the engine is more than happy with that!!thanks for all your questions and interest,and hope to chat with you guys again!!

will post new pics on thursday for you guys!!


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hi!!all i can say is that a 1uz can fly and very well to!!if i know how to add atachments you will see ten pics of a 1uz flying!!just need some help to post the pictures please!!


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when you click Post Reply, there is a Manage Attachment and you can brower your harddrive and attach pictures. Make sure you edit your picture to 640 x 480


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thanks,just finished cowling and nearly ready to fly again!just waitting to take so great pic for you guys to see!!all i can say it looks and sounds awesome!!


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hi there guys!!here are some long awated pictures of the 1uz flying!!
hope you like them and there is some more on the way!!
please let me know what you think and any questions you have!!
thanks for looking and happy holidays!!!!


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Congratulations on an "awsome" project. Thats a 1uz that realy does fly.

Some more info on the gotech ecu would be good, specs, price?