1UZFE into Ford Sierra XR4x4


It's been a long time since I have posted anything to the board,
so I'd just let you know what i have been up to. To make a long
story short I have finally gotten myself an 1UZFE engine and I have
started to fit it into my car, a Ford Sierra.


The car is an European one, and the biggest engines delivered in it
was a 2.0L 16v turbo ( Cosworth ) and a 2.9L V6. The cars also came
with a constant 4x4 system ( AWD ) with a 34 % front/66 % rear split.

I'm trying to make the edition Ford forgot to do, the V8 twin turbo
4x4 one....

I have a lot to do to get this up and running. A big hurdle is the sump
as it has the front diff on the right side, a short shaft thru the sump
and a drive shaft flange on the left side.

I have converted a Ford 2.9 V6 4x4 sump to suit a Lexus 1UZFE engine
+ done some reinforcement work and increased the oil capacity at the
same time.


There is not much left of the original Ford sump.

At the moment it is about 95 % done, it lacks; oil returns,
2 upper fasteners to the front diff, 2 fasteners against the
gearbox and a lot of machining to get it flat due to all the
TIG welding done to it....

At the moment I have started on to the engine mounts and
when they are done it's on to the plate between the 1UZFE
engine and the Ford Sierra XR4x4 gearbox.


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LOL it's good to see someone else having to use a jigsaw and having it take fooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeevvvvvvvveeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to cut anything!!!!

that looks really good. it's good to see you've kept the 4WD and applied a little bit of "engine-uity" to make it all work. must a been a mission lining it all up and trying to work out where everything sat so the front driveshafts would line up again!

anyways, top job! keep the pics coming! :)


Can I just be the first to say, you are mad.

Crazy, loopy, and I love it.
Should be ball of fun once its over.



More pictures. This is the engine bay with crossmember + the bracket
I made to hold the block in the correct posision.
I used it to messure if it was possible to get the 4 wheel drive on the
engine and I will also use it to make the engine mounts.

The second picture is the modification I had to do to the bulkhead in
order to fit the hydraulic clutch ( Master cylinder ).


And a few more. The block with the sump and the front diff fitted. The picture
does not show it, but it looks like the top of the diff will just toutch the block.
I might have to grind off a 10 cm long and 2 mm deep and high piece on the
outside of the sump flange on the block.

I will know when the sump has been machined.



It doesn't take that long, the ring took me 1 hour with the jig saw.
Lube and coarse thread HSS blades and it's like cutting cardboard.

Lining it up was not hard to do, it was just a question of finding the
centerline in the Ford sump and finding the centerline in the lexus
ring and lining them up.


1UZ-HZ :

Go for it !

4wd = traction ==> heaps fun !

Have you seen anybody do a doughnut with a car with a constant 4wd
system and enough power?

Looks crazy, the car turns on a stamp with smoke from all 4 wheels...


ONE of the interesting things about this project... besides the engineering and commitment... is the TIME it takes to do this type of job. Consider what it would cost to pay a shop to do this work and you quickly get into the price range of some nice new cars.

Still, there is nothing like building something no one else has and knowing that you made it yourself.

Excellent effort :D


Just call me "Lex"
That is crazy... awesome engineering on the 4WD. I still cant believe its a 4WD. Great effort to you.... If in doubt, add a 2 x 4. Great Job... keep us updated with things.....


The plate between the engine and the gearbox is almost done. It's made out
of 20 mm aluminium.

And yes, I know it takes time, the plate has about 25 hours to it so far with
measuring, design, doing the outer cut from the bigger plate and marking it
for holes, drilling, tapping etc. Still, that is nothing compared to the
sump, I think I have spent over 80 hours on it and it is not done yet....


Trial fit on the engine. The holes to bolt it to the engine is perfectly
aligned but I need to source some M12 (1.25 ) x 45 mm allen head bolts.

I also have to cut out a bit more to make room for the starter.


Final picture for today, the spacer plate bolted to the XR4x4/Cosworth 4x4
gearbox. It's aligned but I still have 4 more holes to drill and tap. Will do that
later tonight and if I'm lucky the engine/gearbox combo will be but in the car

Then I will know if there is enough room for 2 Garrett T3 turbos or if I have
to go the blower route.


First trial fit of engine and gearbox in the car. There is not a lot of room to
play around with. The engine mounts has to be finnished off before I can fit
the sump.

The second picture shows the gearbox with the transferbox and the flange
for the forward driveshaft.