1uzfe + a340f not shifting out of first

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soldering the caps is tricky, you need quite a powerful tool and it must be well grounded.
all ecus with nsw pin will have 12v there, when everything is wired ok, ignition is on, and the car is not in park or neutral


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as far as soldering the caps it was easy (for me) 15 minutes from the time it was opened up till i put the screws back in (9 in total) i used a ground strap to alleviate static damage and didnt get up till it was done.. didnt make much difference as far as the engine control stability. also it did not fix my shifting problem... so to that i will say you were right :eek:.. it turns out there are 2 black and green wires in the e11 harness one for low gear and one for circuit open relay i had them backwards.. all is well now. it was a good reason to hook my reverse lights up as well.

thank you all for helping me diagnose this problem.


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Hey guys I’m just reading this old post and many others to. I also have a 1uz not shifting out of first. Some details:

It’s the non vvti engine and the original trans loom and ecu
I did the conversion 8 years ago no issues no fault codes
Drove it for a couple of years shifting was fine I only could not select low the lockdown would work but not from 2nd to 1st only o/d to 3rd or 3rd to second I then realised I had no power/economy switch no overdrive button this was available from manually shifting 2nd to drive was o/d and 2nd was drive.
anyway after connecting o/d and power economy everything was fully functioning as should it went heaps better. The reason was my setup was missing the ecu to dash loom plug I found out 2jz was the same plug and used that but it maybe was manual or something and pins were blank I added them in.
Ok now where I’m at, I moved NZ to Australia the cars always been garaged I’ve had it 19 years after I come back to Nz the place I’ve been living for over a year I couldn’t garage it I didn’t drive it for approximately half a year. When I first started it up the car had small amount of condensation on windows I had aired it etc no worries but I started it and drove a block away from my house and was running rough never had done that then it died. Could not start it towed home went over everything found that water had dropped onto ecu plugs from the small amount of condensation literally few drops I dried it out aired it plugged in start it no worries drove to mates and it was perrrrrfect. Went to leave no go just backfired tried to start a couple times but mostly just cranked. After 3 days Analysis I figure the ecu crapped itself or didn’t like water possible that shorted a couple pins.
I purchased a ecu plugged in turn key no engine check light functioning (it always had since I wired it was first thing I did) anyway started and run perfect! Far nicer idle and functioning well better than ever if anything. I was happy my v8 was going after 3 days no luck and it always started I’ve done a lot of ks in this conversion was a daily for work for a bit and driven the entire Nz country side I lived rural and drove it religiously all is well again! Until I drove it.... stuck in first. I’ve been testing a few things and wires no luck nothing’s changed except the ecu.
My question would be has anyone had this before? Do I continue checking pins for earth and power or it that the new ecu is fine just not matched with my engine and trans and I need to find another ecu. I can’t manually shift or anything.
many help or advice is much appreciated.

I put couple of pictures in of the swap just for people to see what the conversion is not related to my issue. Yes yes it’s a Toyota engine in a Nissan.. haha. Best combination of Japanese cars I like Nissan but not a fan of RB det engine I don’t like VH41/45 Nissan v8 either ( I have copped so much shit about this conversion I even put a Toyota emblem on my front guard haha) people take the piss until I take them for a drive they shut up fast. Car overall weight is 1280kg so yeah it goes extremely well. LSD diff and r33 gtst skyline 4 pot front 2 pot rear 5 stud conversion (front hubs not skyline as they are not McPherson strut c35 hubs) First is the RD28 I run for 11-12 years then the 1uz in engine bay when it was all finished and running last is after had a respray in waterborn paint. 1989 C33 Nissan Laurel.
I’m interested in what you all have put the 1uz engines into also. Obviously hilux is a common one and a great setup I’ve had experience with a few of these in NZ so much fun in the mud to!