1uz ford capri


Well I may as well get started on this as its not going to wright itself.
Went looking for a reliable upgrade for my daily driver maybe two liter or so and came home with a complete ls400. Well I got reliable anyway, my wife might disagree about sensible (when she finds out).

Didn't take long to figure out that brake and suspension upgrades would bust the budget big time. A friend of mine suggested I "just cut the two bodies off the floors and drop the Capri body on the Lexus floor.

Well as my Capri had a full body restoration only 10 months ago this wasn't going to happen.
So this is how my quick up grade turned into a full project. My daily driver was to good to chop up but my old one that was t-boned about 7 years ago wasn't.
Less than 4 hours left me with a roof and rear quarters.

No pictures of me loading the body onto the trailer so I had to borrow one

Now have the Lexus striped, hoping to sell some interior and glass parts to add to the finances.
Just about ready to start cutting the Lexus but I hurt my back in the gym so I may just park myself for a few days and plan before I cut for a change. The Lexus is a foot longer and a foot wider than the Capri so cut it and see may be a little adventurous as I only have one chance with this project.
Hope to have a serious update in a week or two, back permitting.
Great site by the way guys keep it up.


Friday was a lovely day for chopping

2 o'clock and 6 o'clock still starts and drives just needs a bit of bodywork

hey I only got 5 capri's at the moment so I really cant spare any just now

I'm just lucky I got a good friend that's letting me hide this at his house because I hear that divorces are expensive:D


small update 1 door done Capri door Lexus motor working the window and Lexus door latch mechanism and door handle grafted in

this door was scrap two weeks ago, so not too bad, we are meant to recycle after all:D
about 95% of the car will be built from recycled parts, I won't call it environmentally friendly but this is as close as I get


these parts really are scrap but have welder will use

two days of cutting and a bit of welding an its starting to look like a capri again

body is just sitting there for now. I reckon I can get it down by another couple of inches.
Shortened prop-shaft will be ready to collect on monday and hope to have it back drive-able by the end of the week then start fabrication on the arches.
Some people think I should change my name to Dr. Frankenstein.


hahaha its alive, its alive

oh wait its on fire:eek:

ah well, forgot to reconnect some earths and looks like i fried the instruments can run without those for now. Just waiting for some fine weather and then the weld-a-thon can begin.


work has been slow last few weeks due to other commitments but the first wheel arch is coming together nicely

Now for the problem I need help.:mad:
When I started the car after a few weeks standing due to the fuel tank being removed everything was normal.
I was taking measurements and letting the engine warm up when I noticed that the instruments were dead, shortly followed by smoke from behind the instrument cluster. I found that two earth connections were not attached to the body one behind the instruments and one near the passenger side.
I assumed that this was the problem and that I had fried the circuit board in the instrument cluster.
My problem is that I have sourced a replacement and still have the same fault (quickly switched off before any signs of smoke)
When I switch on I have a battery light which works as normal but absolutely nothing else. With the ignition on or the engine running a simple wire tester is showing that I have four live wires coming into the instruments, two for the grey plug and two for the blue plug.
If anyone has any ideas or even a shot in the dark please send me a message.
Would a diagnostic scan be of any help?


Been more or less at a standstill the last few weeks with other commitments but the front arch is shaping up nicely.

Finally saw sense and decided to use a decent drivers door so nearly have that converted to Lexus handle, lock and electrics.
Will have to get some of the crash damage around the left sill area of the Capri body sorted and then can start on the arches for that side and when my B pillar is back where Ford intended it the roll cage can start being bent up.


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You sure aren't shy with a welder. Ive always thought this is a good way to build an "old" car with new car feel and handling. Cheers


Ha why by shy with your best friend.
Anyway clock is ticking Capri Club Ireland track day on the 24th so I have 11 days to get this thing driving if not finished.
Working on it full time at the moment

Left rear wing about done and the roll cage shaping up, took some major work to get the A and B pillars back into position, looks like the hit was worse than I thought but all good now.

Pirated a decent bonnet from another long term project and started piecing the front panel together and spoiler is started, in steel of course.


Wow can't believe its been that long since I posted.
Well I worked hard right up to the night before
the track day but it just didn't happen.
The car has been in hibernation for the winter
but I will up date on what was done in the few weeks coming up to the track day.

getting zipped up so the bracing bars can come out

even got the wipers working! same formula as the windows
Lexus motor "persuaded" to work the Ford mechanism. anyone familiar
with Capri's will know that the space behind the dash for the
wiper mechanism is limited but putting an LS 400 wiring loom in
there as well makes it damn near impossible but that's my specialty

mocked up and driving around the yard

now these are posted for entertainment purposes only as some countries
have laws against welding steering components (BE WARNED)
Had a lovely AVO style steering wheel that my wife got me as a present a few years
ago and decided that it was time to put it on something.
haven't got a picture of this at the moment but will put one up
soon 14" leather three spoke with a 5" dish
this is a re pro of a Ford rally wheel from the 70's but as such a boss
is only available for 70's Escort's and Capri's (I'm using the Lexus steering column)
inside the Lexus alloy steering wheel is a small steel boss and with
some careful work this can be removed undamaged and welded into
the center of a spun quarter inch thick steel plate then if you have
been careful enough the small piece of alloy with groves for the
indicator cancel can be bonded back into place

got some new sills folded up hand formed ones just didn't look right

also picked up some nice 17" rota wheels bit ahead of myself but came at nice
price was hoping to use use some 18" that I had but the offset was wrong to clear the front calipers
same as the 18" I have but mine are multi fit would have been nice
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Well I'm back at it but now in the much less spacious environment of my mum's garage but needs must.

Here are the pic of the steering wheel that I promised

Working on some of the boring stuff at the moment like getting the floor zipped up and welding, welding and welding.


Just jogging along at the moment but not totally idle.
Anway that time of the year again so better get my finger out.

Have lights mounted and all working.

Hate this part of a project all the work you do and you see very little result.

good bit done on the back panel

you would not believe the work that's gone into this piece

takata harness and bride seats, getin the hang of this Japanese stuff


Hi all.

Haven't been neglecting you lately just been no point in posting as what I have been doing has very little effect on how things look.
A lot of the panel work is now finish welded and things like brakes and timing belt are done.

Nice I think you will agree.

Now one thing that has been bugging me, and I know its just a small detail, is the center air vents in the dash. The capri doesn't have any and the Lexus vent just doesn't look anywhere near right so......

Sort of a before and after in one shot

Still needs final finish but you get the idea, two spare capri vents mounted in the Lexus panel.

I have found a new friend, he is called FIBERGLASS, bit of a competition going on at the moment with my welder for best friend status!!!!


You need a firm congratulatory handshake my friend !!
I remember the days when I had the steam to tackle a job such as this. Run out of that steam looong ago !
Well done ..!


Hi folks
Sorry for neglecting you lately.
Big Kriss mucho thanks, but most people say the straight jacket makes handshakes difficult;)
Anyway I have a genuine reason (excuse) why I have done almost nothing on the car in the last year. I got to the stage where I was climbing over it to access the other side and was spending more time trying to dig tools out of a pile than using them.
It was time to act on the much planed and wished for garage extension (man cave might be more accurate, I got a touch carried away).

Child labor used where possible:)

Shaping up nicely last bit of concrete for the floor hopefully before Christmas and I can start moving in.

Oh yea its 30 x 20 feet (about 9m x 6m) if anyone's wondering.
Hope to have news soon.


HA HA success

I now have space to move ( ok still a bit of a building site )

Progress soon I hope.