1uz cruiser


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muddiest 1uz ever? i bet the engineers of that lexus v-8 wouldn't have imagined that one in a mud truck. Did you use the hydralic fan?


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Neal, how's the swap going?...I have considered swaping in the 1uz-fe motor in my 1993 4.5L Landcruiser for some time now....Do you think this engine is torquey enough to be a real bad arse offroading? You can squeeze close to 300hp out of these motors...Very interested in hearing about your results, and your final take on the swap, are you completely satisfied and how is the power being distributed is it sluggish at low rpm's?

I use to drop older 350 carburated Chevy's in older cruisers like yours...Power was always impressive with the headers...The stock manual Toyota trannies always held up under the 300hp engines to my suprise... Axles, spindal bolts, etc.. were a different story.... Keep us informed...


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Yes WDoherty I did use the hydralic fan and think it is better than the electric one I was going to use.Man can it move some air.

Jibbby, I am very happy with the way the cruiser goes. I have had 4x4 with 351c and found the torque fun to play with but for comp the power came on so early the wheels would spin up (not what you want) and then just as you got things moving the power droped off. With the 1uz you can floor it from an idle and spin 4 wheels if you want or put the foot down in a steady manner with out wheel spin and have power all the way to 6 or 7000 rpm. First competition sheared pinion off frount diff got DNF. second competition got 2nd in class and 3rd overall, so more than happy


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Neal - That sounds very promising...I get decent low end power out of the 4.5L six banger that comes stock and has 200hp or so...It sounds like the 4.0L 1uz-fe is really a step up...I think your landcruiser is much lighter in weight then the 80 series cruiser... I've been told I won't see much more torque but the higher rpm power will show up big time with the 1uz-fe.....

So you put the 351 Cleveland Ford in a LandCruiser? Cool, and you are right major power on the 5.7 Liter American engine swaps in the Cruisers...Higher rpm power did let off alot now when I think back...I could almost pop wheelies in low range on dry cement with my Chevy small blocks in my 74" FJ40 Cruiser... I didn't mind the rude low end torque that came with those engines....Anyway thanks for the reply....

Yes, the hydro fan will move air, but you have to install the oil cooler, fan oil tank and the alluminum and rubber hose lines, etc.. there is a lot of little crap that goes alone with the stock hydro fan.... Can't beat the stock hydro fan for cooling and I would say keep it for off roading... I currently have dual electric fans with a new radiator on my 1uz-fe motor, I deleted my hydro pump and fan..Ran an idler pulley in it's place... The dual fans cool my car just fine on the hottest of days with the A/C on full blast and seems to cool thing down just as good as the stock hydro fan as far as I can tell... (just for the record)......

Curious, what did you do with the ECU, was the instrument integration hard to work out?

Incase you change your mind about your cooling system here is pics of my hydro bypass to electric fans...


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Jibb those pulleys are ugly as hell. When are you going to polish or chrome them? Paint that gold bolt as well, it screams amatuer.

I'm kidding of course.


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Those pulleys are made from titanium criptonite alloy composite, the material was stolen off the NASA space shuttle infact. Then these advanced super light weight pulleys were designed and molded by the Swiss and then shipped to me from over seas...The metal surface was painted to look that way to cover up...Old and crusty.,...

You wish you owned just one of those magical pulleys....:Eyecrazy:

Always kidding of course..


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hi neal watch out as the mud gets drawn in by the crank pulley gets on the cam belt teeth and jumps putting the cam timing out I know as this has happened to me


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Where did you get the replacement idler from, mine has had the pipes blocked off and the puller is starting to squeal ocassionally :-(



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I wanted to use the cruiser clutch so made an adapter to go between 1uz and cruiser bell housing. The 3B engine that came out of the truck has a plate that goes between the engine and bell housing with a hole that just lets the crank poke through, the 1uz has a plate about 4 inches wide that sand wedge the flexi plate to the crank. I put this plate in a lath and turned it down to the same size as the hole in the cruiser plate. Then I could put the cruiser plate on the 1uz and drill out 1uz holes giving a pattern to make adapter that would be with in a few thou.

I will get photos in the next day or so to help explane.
Please post those pictures again ?


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hey mate do you have any pics of the 1uz adapter plate as i want to put 1 into my cruiser as well but keep my old 5 speed cheers james