1UZFE Swap, Conversion & Transplant

This section is very special to me and other hardcore 1UZFE fan.  This section is dedicated to cars/trucks or whatever, that is powered by our beloved V8.  In this section, you see some crazy conversion and custom work.  As you go through different links, you will noticed that the 1UZFE is like the Chevy 350 or the Ford 5.0.  This engine is in everything you can think of.  You will see some stock swap and some highly modified.  From a Toyota MKIII Supra to a station wagon.  From street cruiser to hot rods. 

This section will be update as I get more info on other members' project, so come back offer to see updates.  So, seat back and enjoy the conversions.  There some conversions will open your eyes and jaws.  You will see how amazing our engine really is. 

If you have any information on conversion or swap with 1UZFE, we would love to know about it.  Please Email Me so I can publish your hard and dedicated work.  If you would like to see more conversions and swaps, please feel free to come in our Forum and share your experience.

Once again, thank you for visiting our site.


Here is the 1UZFE into a 92 Tacoma (Hilux) Good job, keep them coming.


Here is the 1UZFE into a 91 Toyota Supra

Here is the 1UZFE into a EH Holden

Here is a project in progress, 1UZFE into a 1954 FJ Holden

EH wagon Lexus v8 twin turbo being built!

32 roadster with the multi throttle body injection system

MX83 Cressida running a 1UZ-FE

Lexus 1UZ in a F40 Twin Turbo

Hot Rod Powered by 1UZ

AC Cobra with the 1UZ-FE Engine,

Single Turbo Factory Venom  AC cobra replica.
FI 1UZFE Factory Five Racing Cobra Replica

here is some photos of a 1uz-fe into a 1993 Nissan GQ Patrol i helped with



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