Air Bag Light

Air Bag Light.  What a pain!  Every time I talk out my instrument cluster, my air bag light always comes on and I would pay a local body to reset it for $20.  After few times, it started to get expensive.  Finally got some help from a good internet friend our my Earl from  He has lots of great DIY and Tutorial articles on the Lexus LS400.  I read his site and got some idea how I can make this easier for me. 

Basically to reset the Air Bag Light (ABL), you need to provide ground or negative to the TC and AB into the OBDI slot inside of your car need the fuse box.  So, I made this during my lunch hours.  I used a car phone charger and use it as ground.  I also got a Momentary Switch that will control either left or right.  Center is off.  I solder those three wires together so I can perform the TC & AB dance via the switch.  Here are some pictures:

With Red and Orange wire connected to the TC and AB.  Here is the instruction from Earl site

Personally, I found one second interval did not work well.  I found out switching from left to right at a fast pace like .25 to .50 second seem to do the job. 

Currently I am trying to find an old OBDI plug and a relay that will automatically switch it when power is given.  This unit is home made and you can do it yourself.  If you would like to borrow this, please let me know.

The shipping cost is as follow.
1. US. Priority is $3.85
2. Paypal takes 2.9% plus .50 cents = .62 cents
3. $3.85 plus $0.62 = $4.47

If you want to borrow this home made unit and reset it yourself.  Please email me and paypal me $4.47.

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