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I am in the process of fixing wear and tear items on recently purchased 1993 SC300 with a USDM Supra 2jgte conversion(currently has a single turbo).

I have a intermittent rattling noise from the front passenger side diagnosed to be coming from the original 15 year old strut mount. This obviously will be replaced--however my question is with what? 3 year old KYB gas shocks in good working order and a Eicbach 1" lower springs are in place.

Question: Should I replace with OEM SC300 strut mounts vs Supra strut mounts. I have already done the searches and know that most Supra parts will direct fit the sc300 and sc400. What I would really looking for is what has worked well for people who have already have done this. I see the replacement KYB mounts are relatively cheap--anybody use these or know of any problems with these?

If the supra mounts fit (please correct me if I am wrong) they should be the best choice due to longer studs that should allow for the addition of a tower sway bar (once again correct me if I am wrong).

Since I am at it--I might as well ask about the control arms options.
Option 1: Replace bushes with Andrew Vlamos (Australia) rubber ones to maintain Lexus luxury ride.
Option 2: Replace with Supra control arms. People who have done this--does it make for a harsh ride? I have never been in a Supra.
Option 3: Open to recommendations. Thanks.

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I also need new LCA's and have used the daizen poly bushings in the past but i would like to use rubber this time. Where are people getting the supra LCA's, are they just taking it up the ass at the dealer or is there a supra aftermarket parts site somewhere?



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Here are two good Toyota dealers who give 25% or more discount on OEM parts:

Curt Aigner at Elmhurst Toyota in Chicago
Jeff at Champion Toyota in Houston

I've done business with Curt for 7.5 of the 8 years I've owned my black MKIV Supra. No complaints whatsoever. He sets the standard for vendors in my book.