Project Thread Supercharged 1UZ Bangkok Drag Truck

The 1UZFE EGR Delete Kit is available for sale here.
Neal make a fantastic box and for $1000 u can't go wrong.

we run the same setup as the NealTrans bracket glide. the Dellow housing fits on our OEM case. 3100lb car making 1150hp.
. . . . so . . . . I take out the A342 transmission, take it to my trans guy, he opens it up . . . and what does he see? Nothing is broken. Aweshit. Our guess: torque converter sprag broken . . . or . . . even though I checked it and topped it off . . . the trans eventually sucked all the fluid into the converter and I ran the fricken valve body dry . . . . . . and I forgot to check it after it "wouldn't move in Drive." I will see what MV Automatics tells me about how to test the converter for broken-ness. The saga continues . . . . . -
After much head scratching and the complete disassembly of the

transmission (it was "like new inside), I sent these photos to Michael at MV
Automatics in Australia . . . because the only thing we could think of was

that the torque converter had failed.
HarperRacingConverterSplines1.jpgThese are the splines inside of the torque converter.
HarperRacingTransSplines1.jpgThese are the transmission input shaft splines.
This is Michael's reply:

"I've just seen [the photos] today. Whats actually happened, the imput

shaft splines are intact but the hub has torn out of the front turbine. The

steel hub is riveted into a press steel turbine. You can see a small amount

of damage on the end of the input shaft where the clutch seal runs. The

converter has to be cut open to be repaired."

I may have caused this . . . . or just too many hard runs. Either way, I am

glad to know what happened. So, what to do?I have access to a 4000

stall speed converter for a 1UZ (not a 1JZ converter like I now use). I will

change the front pump on my existing race-built transmission from the

1JZ to the 1UZ pump, which will index everything correctly and eliminate
the need for the drive ring. Wish me luck.
My bad luck is sometimes paired to good luck. It's a push.

Michael at MV Automatics in Australia and I determined that the turbine had pulled loose inside of the original 4200 stall 1JZ MV converter (the grey one). Bad luck. Art in Pattaya happened to have a Percision Industries 1UZ 4000 stall billet race converter (the pink one). Good luck.

If you look closely you can see that the 1JZ and 1UZ torque converters are not the same. The 1UZ is thicker, and, more importantly, the input shaft from the transmission registers differently into the torque converter. I will not need the drive ring to mount it now.

The Precision Industries billet converter is a very nice piece. These are the converters people use in the states to run 8s in their Supras.


This (above) is the 1JZ transmission pump (sometimes called a "front pump"). Notice the distance between the pump and the shaft splines.

This is the 1UZ front pump (above). Notice the distance between the front pump and the shaft splines - just enough difference that the splines will not engage. So, to properly index the splines to the torque converter I have to change the front pump over to the 1UZ. A340 transmissions are otherwise the same -- I am essentially making my old (non-electric) 1JZ transmission over with 1UZ transmission internals so I can use it with the new 1UZ race converter. Whew! But that's not all . . . .

There's your problem! Just kidding. It's good to be in a country that assembles Toyotas because there are occasionally broken parts that come out of the containers. When this happens Toyota sells the broken parts as SCRAP! Lucky me! My man Art gets these brand new broken A340 transmissions from Toyota for a song and a dance and has passed his savings on to me. Lucky me!

Look closely at this pile of A340 parts - yep, brand new - really brand new 0 miles A340 parts. So, I will be putting 100% new internals into my trans case. Knock on wood . . . . "Lucky me."
Thanks Zuffen. Diagnosing a pulled out converter hub was a time consuming mind bender, that's for sure. Oh well: I move on. Yep, those A340 trans parts are worth their weight in gold. Thailand is often referred to as the "Detroit of Asia" because there are so many cars and trucks manufactured here. Also, Thailand is the breaking/disassembly capital of the world too: "totaled" cars in Japan are shipped here for disassembly and sorting into components . . . air-conditioners into this container, master cylinders into that container, 1UZ into that container, HKS turbocharger and cams, . . . wait! What? Those go out the bacck door!
The trans rebuild is going nicely. Everything but the case will be unused, 100% new parts.
This is my trans case with all new internal parts - now with six (6) new clutches and eight (8) new steels (and a heavy duty truck band - not shown). These are 100% new, unused parts.

Drove down to Art's shop in Pattaya with my friend Mike to pick up my
virtually new A342 trans. What you are looking at here is my old 1JZ
trans case with 100% new internals, all new electricals (senders and
wiring), a 1UZ bell housing and Performance Industries 4000 stall torque
converter. Nice.

It was a busy day! In addition to picking up my "new" transmission, I had
to return the extra 1JZ trans to my friend Mac's shop (it is a somewhat
rare case because it has the "slip yoke" tail housing) where we saw the
new tall injectors on his road race car (photo below), and pick up Mikes
Ford 200ci Ford block from a Thai machine shop for Art to mic. Mike is
restoring a 1965 Mustang convertable here in Thailand. Then we went to
the body shop that is restoring his '65 Mustang to drop off the Ford block.
I ended the day at my race track shop unloading the trans and cleaning
the pick-up bed of spilled trans fluid (very hard to get out). I will reinstall
the trans this week . . . but I will have to get an electrician to sort the
wiring 100% before I try to test it.


Mac's road racer . . . . he shifts at 9500rpm . . . so longer injectors are
good. These are 100% made in Thailand.
When I installed the Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump I was lazy: the A1000
has -10 fittings on each end, but the outlet on my fuel cell, as well as the
fuel filter, were already -8. At the time I felt that that was "good enough." _10SetUp4074850.jpg

After talking to some knowledgeable road and drag racers who use the

A1000 successfully, I learned that the A1000 has a habit of overheating

(and burning out) unless the fuel lines and filter are sized correctly. So,

since I had time and money, I ordered a complete set of -10 fittings, -10

bulkhead fitting, high quality German hose, and a proper TrickFlow -10

fuel filter. I'm glad I did. I will install it this week-end when I reinstall the

Because the 1UZ torque converter is thicker, we had to trim off the cross
member trans mount to get the trans back up into position. This was a
really tough job. We really struggled. After everything was in place
and bolted up tight, the trans mount had to be welded back in place. Also
added were new transmission wiring and new connector clips. It went well.
We put in the trans fluid, the motor started, it went in gear, and the tires
spun. Unfortunately, it rained all week-end so there was no chance of my
testing the transmission set-up under power. Oh well . . . next week-end.
Thanks JustinGT8. Yeah, my fingers are crossed too. It looks to be completely put back together now. Even though it is the "Damn Wet and Damn Hot Season" in Bangkok now, I hope it is not raining this week-end . . . .
I feel your frustration. Whenever I've tried to plan an engine dyno for the winter, when we have cold dense air, it always seems to slip until the hottest period of the summer.
Haha. Great place. Looking forward to getting back over there. Might even pull myself away from the bar and check out the local car scene this time.